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RE: Things That Make My Day ~ ♥️

in #animals10 months ago

Sorry had a side anxiety moment, now back to my point.

Haha, I understand that. I am a recovering arachnophobe too!

I love this post! The whole thing. The photos and you being chuffed about them.

I have another spider photo for you, if it wouldn't eek you out:

Charlotte 2013.jpg

It's not detailed like the other one, but that's Charlotte who built that beautiful web on my balcony several years ago. :)


That web is amazing - such an incredibly rich construction! 👍😎

Haha! Glad you understood that moment of anxiety of mine.

Also glad you enjoyed the post. 😉

Okay now that web alone makes me Eek! 😬 Wow!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your photo ~

It's the only time I've seen a web like that here. Normally I get different kinds of spiders that make messy webs that are more like a blob of hair you pull out of a pet brush. I don't know what kind of spider Charlotte was but she made the picturesque spider web on the balcony and I thought it was pretty. :)

Yes! That web displays a Master of art! It was well thought out and you can clearly see that the spider took pride in it's work. It’s posing right there in the middle like “look at my masterpiece”. 😄