New guest at my house. Let's talk about the lizard!

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Here is my new guest, just saved from the clutches of my cat who always brings me lizards and mice as gifts and a sign of affection.

The lizard is a reptile, quadruped with small legs shorter than the trunk, tail and scales,
it feeds by hunting smaller preys with its tongue, eats vermicelli and other small insects.



To deceive predators, the lizard detaches part of its tail without dying, in fact I have various tails at home eh eh eh
Or they pretend to be death so as not to get caught. This behavior is called thanatosi. Lizards can be small, medium or large, here in Italy there are only small and medium ones, large only imported from mainly Caribbean foreign countries.

I like lizards a lot and i try to save them from my cat everytime he catch one!


Ciao Noemi, belli sti scatti 😁 il testo non lo capisco perché non è in italiano...