Things That Make My Day ~ ♥️

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Sometimes it could be the simplest gestures that makes someone smile. It could be a sentence spoken that could make all the difference. A tiny ounce of kindness that stretches for miles and miles across the globe.

Doing those things while adding a personal touch could really brighten someone’s day.

photo credit: @barge

This post today is all about those things and my thank you for them. 😊

I recently curated @barge’s post about a mystery of love and friendship. In this post he and his dog discovers this mystery as they were taking their daily walk.

I commented he had a beautiful dog and he responded with the photo above with his dog personally thanking me. 🥰🤗

I felt so special and appreciated that he would send me that as a thank you. It really made my day to where I wished I could actually hug that little cutie pie doggy.

Well, then I made a mistake. I assumed his dog was a boy. I saw that the dog’s name was Flame and in his post he stated

Man and dog continued our walk around the railway path...

I think when I saw the word man I assumed it was a guy thing and he must be a boy dog.

I know silly me. 🤦🏽‍♀️

The thing I really appreciate about Barge is that he didn’t respond in anger or frustration but instead he kindly corrected me. He did it in a way where I wasn’t embarrassed and didn’t feel horrible about my mistake. He sends me this photo...

photo credit: @barge

Now I’m even more like 😍🥺☺️! How cute is that?!

Flame herself shows me she’s a girl! I thought it was so thoughtful and incredible that this gesture was done and it was very kind and sincere.

I literally feel like Flame and I had a full conversation through photos! 😄💓

There’s More

I curated another post of his for the Stock Image Community about the season of Autumn.

I loved his cover photo! When I first saw it I immediately thought of spiders...

photo credit: @barge

No, I don’t like spiders. In fact I am terrified of them. 😬

However, my eldest son (age 9) is marveled by them. He draws them, studies them and is always curious about their movements.

Eeek even the black hairy jumping ones. 😨

Sorry had a side anxiety moment, now back to my point.

When I showed my son this photo he said

Whoa spiders! It’s a spider tree! 😃

I am not surprised he saw spiders too. He maybe looked at the photo for five minutes straight admiring how unique it was.

I shared that with Barge about my son how he was fascinated with spiders and that he loves the ”spider tree”.

This is how Barge responded...

photo credit: @barge

He says

Thank you, thank you 🙏

A lil' London spider from two years ago sez hello back to your boy :D

I thought it was the nicest thing and it made my son’s day!

When he saw that spider he blushed and chuckled and I literally couldn’t get my phone back because he was studying the spider for so long. 😆

I am raising an entomologist! 🕷

I wanted to allocate some time out of my day to make this post highlighting the kind gestures of a fellow Hiver.

I don’t take it lightly when others go out of their way to respond with kindness and make me feel appreciated.

Thank you @Barge and Flame for putting a smile on my face with those photos! Thank you for making my son’s day with the spider tree and spider photos! Keep up the great work you’re doing here ~

Note: The dog photos were not shared as stock images so you do not have permission to reuse them for your posts. If you click the link under the spider photos it will take you directly to the seasons post where you can use and credit those images. 😉

@Barge has been added as a beneficiary of this post. I hope he buys Flame something nice with the share! 😁

Thank You ~


I thought you had a dog when I saw the thumbnail! 😆 Now I have to thank you for bringing Barge's post to my attention. Can't believe I missed that one!

He's one of the sweetest people on here and always takes the time out to do that little bit extra in replies. Very nifty with Photoshop too. 😁

Haha! Nope! I'd love to have a beautiful dog like her though. Maybe after the kids move out because they already make enough mess for me to clean up! 😆

Yes, he truly is sweet and thoughtful. The extra really made my day. 😊


Sorry had a side anxiety moment, now back to my point.

Haha, I understand that. I am a recovering arachnophobe too!

I love this post! The whole thing. The photos and you being chuffed about them.

I have another spider photo for you, if it wouldn't eek you out:

Charlotte 2013.jpg

It's not detailed like the other one, but that's Charlotte who built that beautiful web on my balcony several years ago. :)

That web is amazing - such an incredibly rich construction! 👍😎

Haha! Glad you understood that moment of anxiety of mine.

Also glad you enjoyed the post. 😉

Okay now that web alone makes me Eek! 😬 Wow!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your photo ~

It's the only time I've seen a web like that here. Normally I get different kinds of spiders that make messy webs that are more like a blob of hair you pull out of a pet brush. I don't know what kind of spider Charlotte was but she made the picturesque spider web on the balcony and I thought it was pretty. :)

Yes! That web displays a Master of art! It was well thought out and you can clearly see that the spider took pride in it's work. It’s posing right there in the middle like “look at my masterpiece”. 😄

As a curator it's these instances that make things worthwhile. Whilst we don't expect to be thanked or anything, it's always nice when somebody acknowledges and shows appreciation rather than "yup, job done, i got the upvote, move onto my next post now"

Yes, it truly does make what we do worthwhile. It's so easy to just move on and be happy about the vote. That's why gestures that are intentionally done where people go the extra mile means so much.

Thanks for adding your input ~ ❤️

Yes, this exactly.

Thank YOU @crosheille 🙏

Please also know how much your post lifted my spirits and triggered a warm and fuzzy sense of being appreciated. I'll pass the mic over to Flame now - who (to further emphasise her 'girlness' lol) has just come into season. I'll be sure to get her a really nice treat and give it to her from you to help her get through her 'delicate' period ( pun intentionally intended :).

PS....there wasn't any reference in the post to her gender and her name doesn't give anything away. She's often mistaken for a bloke and when she's marking territory, she even pisses like one - with a leg up. Neither Flame nor I took issue with the mistaken gender - thank you for being so gracious about the 'correction' 🤗


@Barge you are so welcome! I just has to do a post because I was so moved by your thoughtfulness and had to share.

I am so glad you feel appreciated because I do appreciate your kind gestures.

Haha! Great to hear she will get a really nice treat! 😄

I’m so glad neither of you took offense of my mistake and that you kindly corrected me.

Thanks again and keep up the great work with your amazing photography ~ 😃

Its so true that sometimes it's the small things that matter.
A smile or an encouragement or even a hug.. that's all it takes to make one persons day go from bad to great

Yes, the small things :)

Thanks for visiting. It’s so nice to see you ~ ❤️

I thought it was a tree too, then I looked for the spiders haha

Oh, that is really nice, and I like the name Flame, and that pink bow :D

Haha! It’s such an intriguing tree.

I do too ~ 😊

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Haha thought that was a tree full of spiders it seems I'll be needing help soon 😁😁

Yes, I needed help too. 😄

Thanks for the comment ~

Smiles, you're welcome