Animal kingdom: Adelie Penguin

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Penguins are beautiful sea birds that look cuddling in nature and appealing to the eyes.

Found in the animalia kingdom, classed as an aves, and in the spheniscidae family, Adelie Penguin is the smallest of all penguin but the most widely distributed across the Antarctic region.

The Adelie Penguin is the most common specie of the penguins with his popular physical appearance of black back and while chest.

This bird is carnivorous in nature as it feed on fishes, squids and krill with other smaller sea creatures.

Thou it is also a prey to sea animals like the killer whales, leopard seal and and some others.

Adelie Penguin live in colonies, hunt in groups and often communicate with each other by the means of body language and eyes.

This bird can be territorial in nature as matured male tend to fight off others from his site and sometimes they fight over female.

Adelie Penguin mating partner tend to be a life partner just like humans with the husband and wife thing.

When the female lays, they take turn to incubate the eggs while the other fend for food.

When the eggs hatches, the parents still take turn to take care of the young chick until it ages more than 2 months when it is eligible to move with other chicks to fend for themselves.

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