It has been tested that billion Android devices at risk of hacking

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Greater than one billion Android contraptions are at hazard of being hacked on the grounds that they're no longer blanketed with the aid of security updates, watchdog Which has advised.

The vulnerability might leave users all over the world uncovered to the chance of information theft, ransom needs and different malware assaults.

Any one utilising an Android telephone released in 2012 or earlier must be above all concerned.

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Google's own knowledge means that 42.1% of Android users worldwide are on variation 6.0 of its running approach or below.

In line with the Android security bulletin, there were no protection patches issued for the Android procedure in 2019 for models under 7.0.

Extrapolating this knowledge, Which? Concluded that two in 5 Android customers global have been no longer receiving protection updates.

It as been tested on different moble device such as: Motorola X, Samsung Galaxy A5, Sony Xperia Z2, LG/Google Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 - (this my device)

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Anti-virus lab AV Comparatives to contaminate them with malware - and it succeeded on every mobile, creating a couple of infections on some.

It shared its findings with Google however the tech giant "did not provide reassurance that it has plans in position to aid customers whose devices had been no longer supported".

The watchdog wishes Google and others to furnish a ways more transparency round how long updates for intelligent contraptions will probably be provided.

The cellular enterprise needed to do a better job of giving aid to buyers about their options once security updates are not on hand.

According to Computing editor: "it is very involving that steeply-priced Android contraptions have this type of brief shelf existence earlier than they lose security aid, leaving thousands of customers at threat of significant penalties if they fall sufferer to hackers.

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"Google and telephone producers have got to be upfront about protection updates - with clear understanding about how lengthy they're going to last and what consumers will have to do after they run out.

"the government must additionally push forward with planned laws to make certain manufacturers are a long way extra transparent about protection updates for sensible instruments - and their have an effect on on shoppers




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The android developers need to have a quick look into this issue before hackers begin to take advantage of it.

I think people already are being monitored and this might only make it more advanced the more. Android developers might already know this but I'm thinking that might be slow to taking actions because it might compromise their sales.

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Thanks for sharing this expository article. Android indeed has vulnerabilities when compared to the iPhone. But then again, Androids are way cheaper than iPhones which I suppose means one can't eat his cake and have it. Hopefully, the newer versions will pursue the old versions out of the market.

Thank you for sharing this information, somethinh has to be done asap because we andriod user are not save anymore

Concerns about the existence of vulnerabilities, it is inevitable, because no system is perfect, but the fact that there is no way to update or patch operating systems on mobile phones a few years ago makes it even more worrying for me and for a Lots of people who still use devices that work with old versions and do not support updating the operating system to its newest version.

I have heard there are some open-source operating systems but I assume they have many bugs.

Must be a problem of developing countries in first line. Most people in Europe change their phones every 2-3 years, for example.

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