What percentage of the network does Steem Monsters & Steem Engine use?

in analysis •  7 months ago  (edited)
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greetings, @themarkymark

Excelent post, man!! You could use "spt" tag too...

thank you and have a nice day

Very interesting.

BTW, I noticed you downvoted TTS.
I used to think what a silly Bot... who needs it?
but, I've now run into a couple of users, here online who are struggling with vision issues. One types in All caps for her Posts, and when I asked, she mentioned her vision difficulties.

You might reconsider downvotes on the TTS bot.

Nice analysis! I really love to learn python language...

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Imagine if there was a play store app for @steemmonsters, wow!

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I wouldn't be surprised if they are working this.

ok, so they are using 25% roughly of all transactions on the chain so far. do you have an idea of how much this chain is capable of scaling wise? I saw some comparisons last year that said steem is using 1 or 2 % of its overall capacity but this was before @aggroed and @yabapmatt happened :-) so it would be cool to see how we are doing in that dept (but I have no way to find out with my non-tech skills)

No idea but likely far more than we are using.

So what's the biggest user of the other 76%? haha

I'd have to be a bit more clever as this was relatively easy as I knew it was all json transactions.

It's actually a lot higher if you factor in transfers to steem monsters and other activity which isn't factored in.

Cool analysis, I would have guessed more, if you look at the tx count on steemapps.com, Steem Monsters alone use up to 50% of all tx. Have you missed some Steem Monsters and Steem Engine related transactions?

I didn't touch transfers which there definitely are a lot of transfers to and from steem monsters/steem engine. I'll look into them as they are likely a decent amount as well.

I am re-running it taking into account transfers.

So far when adding transfers it goes up to as much as 28%

oh interesting, why still this huge gap compared to steemapps.com?

Not sure what metric they use.
I'm purely using transactions and with transfers, it is closer to 28-33%.

That is a lot of transactions!

Still less than Visa's 17K transactions/second.

How many RPC nodes does aggroed operate?


Zero, as in - he himself operates no RPC nodes because others operate one for him?

Or zero, as in - they actually use other RPCs because they don’t even pay someone to run one for them?

95% sure it's the latter.

marky, how do these resources costs compare with what else is on the chain. SM/SE might be 24% of tx activity, but I'm betting it's like 5% of RC cost.

It's much more work to calculate RC and so on. Custom Json which is what is most of SM/SE is more expensive than votes and transfers not quite as much as post/comments. So it will still be a large %.

The activity is more like 28-34% when you factor in transfers to SM/SE services.

I'm not saying it is bad that it uses a large chunk, just was curious. I do think it means you should have your own nodes though.