Today's Anger Toward Social Media is Like Yesteryear's Anger Toward TV

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This anger toward social media and films like "The Social Dilemma" is something like the fear of marijuana in the time of "Refer Madness."

Yes, society today is loosening up, perhaps even coming apart, but the words in this piece are the cries of a scared mind seeking a convenient villain for it all.

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You know what else "caused" countless deaths in the past? - every other advancement in communications technology. But we shouldn't blame radio, TV, or the printing press for Soviet propaganda or the bloodshed as a result of the Reformation.

Yes, social media is more insidious and influential than previous communications technology, but so was TV beyond that of books. And we'll have another advancement of this in the future, but we shouldn't blame it for any resulting unrest. The fault lies in the human condition.