Plan Ahead in Light of Deteriorating Political Structures

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My fellow Americans, be prepared for the increasingly difficult times ahead. I believe Bitcoin is a good place to start.

Overall, I expect the continued deterioration of our national political infrastructure--federal government breakdown including military, social programs, and general economic mismanagement. So, do whatever would put you in a better position in light of this situation.

The below screenshots are recent pieces of news demonstrating the U.S.'s decline.

end of US tweets.png

It isn't about criticizing the person on the right for being transgender. But it is pointing out how in very important positions of U.S. government, a person's transgender status is being prioritized over merit. Clearly. This is the same person whose mishandling of Pennsylvania's nursing homes, led to the deaths of many seniors to COVID--but not before this person made sure to take their mother out of a nursing home care to save her life.

Following this, this person was appointed from a state to a federal health position--and now to a four-star admiral.


Yeesh. I was not impressed with the bit I saw of Levine's Senate confirmation hearing, being unwilling to answer tough questions and responding to them with the verbal equivalent of a form letter.

Good for you to watch. It's all so hard to see, though.

It's like, "What's going on!?"