NEW VIDEO: Getting the Vaccine (despite the all noise around it)

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Two days ago, I shared these same thoughts and images for an article.

Yesterday, I hit "record" and explained why I chose to vaccinate, what had me leery of it for so long, and then general observations on this whole situation mess.


Thanks for making this video and laying it all out there. The vaccine hesitant including me might pay too much attention to the noise, and all of the BS surrounding COVID19 vaccines and the people exemplified by that doctor you mentioned. It's hard to faithfully trust people telling you to get a vaccine while on the other hand are doing their utmost to make you afraid of asking if it's actually as safe as they claim or tried to claim (100%, perfectly safe, etc) or if there are viable alternatives to a new vaccine system that's being thrust upon everyone all at once with emergency-only authorization. For people that understand history, and what a totalitarian state is like, that's a good way to earn heaps of distrust.

But ignoring all that, and despite not having a great safety record in comparison to tried and tested vaccines around for decades, the vaccines are effective at reducing symptoms and mortality, which should correlate with reducing the damage of an infection. "Long COVID19" or massive cellular damage from the virus is my primary concern. I don't expect I would die from an infection, but I don't like the odds of long term effects. Some minority of people have long term effects from the vaccines, likely from cellular damage from the bout(s) of vaccine-produced proteins. But those cases must be in the minority compared to those with a prolonged symptomatic COVID19 infection.

Does it sound like I'm talking myself into a vaccine? I am. The new variants, fueled by spread amongst vaccinated people, are getting better at infecting people and evading the immune system. I have avoiding getting sick so far, gotten away with it, with precautions and avoiding indoor social contact. But playing a probability game with worsening odds, it's probably time to better the odds in my favor.

We seem to have similar thoughts on this.

The one new curve ball now thrown in all this is the effectiveness of the vaccine, specifically its duration. They're now recommending booster shots after 6 mo. This takes away some of the benefit and potential risk of more injections.