A Step Towards Dystopian

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Amazon is quickly revealing how much they want to control. Make no mistake, this company is starting to show their evil intentions.

Quite simply, they want to control all of the world of commerce. Alexa and other such technologies are just the start.

The company how has filed a patent that will enable people's credit card information in their hands. This will be used to connect to the Amazon Go stores and used for checkout.


I am already stated how Amazon intends to be an end-to-end automated retailer. The goal is to have the entire process, from order to delivery, done without the use of any humans. This will, of course, destroy a lot of jobs and a few industries, something few are willing to talk about.

With discussions such as chipping and brain-to-computer interfaces, it is wise to separate the technological capabilities from that of control. There are many advantages to technologies such as these. They can make the lives of people a lot easier. However, they can also serve as control mechanisms when in the wrong hands.

Amazon and other mega-technology companies are proving themselves to be exactly that: the wrong hands.

Amazon will have to address concerns from card issuers and customers over how terminals would detect fraud and the amount of personal information the company will receive from the scans.

Data collected from the terminals would be stored on Amazon’s cloud and used to study consumers’ Amazon.com spending habits, according to The Journal.


Unfortunately, it is the same story with these companies. The more AI they acquire, the worse they behave. For all the advancements with this technology, we mostly use it to sell people more stuff, spy on them or kill masses more efficiently.

At some point, being chipped could be an interesting idea. However, the idea of Amazon, or any other mega corporation in control over that, is nothing more than a step towards dystopia.

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Have you heard of the phenomenon of Alexa randomly laughing? What's that all about?

As they continue with this advancement I think it will be the beginning of their end.

As they continue to innovate and become the end to end with no or little human intervention, what's to prevent a decentralized project from taking over and doing the exact same thing, but not taking a portion of all sales and transactions.

It might not happen overnight, but I can't imagine a world in which it won't happen.