🐥Let's Get Twitterpated!👍🏽(How to Tokenize Twitter Using AltYes)

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You're Going To Love This!

Ever wonder if there was an easy way to share your post from the Steem blockchain to Twitter? Or, from Twitter to your Steem blog? How about both! Here at @fullalt, with our new extension (and imminent app for mobile users), you can! Take a look at this video and learn just how easy it is to truly tokenize the internet using AltYes.


We would be more than happy to hear your thoughts on your use cases thus far! There are several social media venues listed below that you can find and contact us on. The website is monitored pretty heavily along with #Discord and the #steem blockchain blog posts from this account. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

"Tokenizing the web."


This looks pretty awesome. I don't typically use Firefox for day to day browsing but I'll do what I can to give it a whirl!

Works on Chrome, Brave and Netbox as well. :)

Brave! Yay! Thank you!

This is really useful and i think i will give it a try!

I would love if the settings can be more automated and the interface could be more easy to use / minimalistic. But thats just my 2 cent. Great work and maybe you make it even better in the future! 😊👍

For ease of use: maybe you can even make it as a menu item if you right click on a specific post and then just choose where to post (settings configured once before)?

As a menu item? You mean on a front-end? Like if I were using @esteemapp and it was in the menu of their drop down?

Also, please share what you mean by:

more automated and the interface could be more easy to use

As a menu item? You mean on a front-end?

Im talking about this menu if you right click in the browser:

firefox rc.JPG

There could be Submenus like:
FullAlt -> Post to -> Steem, Twitter, Facebook etc.
FullAlt -> Settings

And if you want to post something you select the headline, rightclick and then choose where to post. Maybe you still need a popup then, but it could be more simplified and clear. You know what i mean?

Ooooh that is a superb idea! We will definitely put this on the board to be discussed as an option and see what we can do about it.

Great! Thank you for being open for my suggestion. 😊👍

Used #altyes to share the video on #facebook, #linkedin and #twitter!

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Very cool!!! Great work! 😀👍😁


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It looks good!

Thank you!

Now this clever extension makes connecting the Twittersphere with the Steem blockchain very easy. Excellent!

Still a work in progress, but definitely love it!

I've been having a lot of trouble with the plugin. It just displays a Facebook icon in place of the image it's supposed to. I'm using SteemPeak and the browser Brave.
Let me know if I can provide any further details.

Upon visiting your blog here on Steempeak and seeing this post, the thumbnail on both Chrome and Brave is:


so, I'm not sure what you are referring to. Can you please provide more info?

Hi! I had to manually add the photo. Whenever I try to share something a giant Facebook icon is placed as the default image.

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