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This sounds interesting, especially the academically reviewed whitepaper part and the rumors about it seem to have some connections.

What about the ICO sale or IEO, how did that happen?

I research project and usually I don't see something interesting like this. Thank you for the info.


Hi. There was no ICO or IEO. Even here they did things differently. Their sale was in BTC, but only used as collateral. So if you have bought in the sale period, which lasted few days, you would have get your BTC back in a timeframe of 24 months, every month. They call this Xstakes.

So basically free coins. There were 7 successful xstake distribution till now, so the btc is clearly going back to users that participated in the "sale".

Glad you liked it. Don't forget to join the social media accounts to research more or you can ask me more questions whenever you like. no ICO or IEO and instead a form of sale I never heard of, more of like an airdrop but with people trusting the project that they will get their BTC back. If they got 7 months worth back, well that's pretty good and confirms some trust issues. You should have put this info in your post, that's some solid stuff right there.

As I can see the team is anonymous, which is kind of tricky, but if people got their btc back, means everything is ok till now. People are often scared of anonymous team following the 2016-2017 mess.

This has good potential of many x's as I see it, especially because of the rumors, but time will tell. Going to buy some just in case and do more research on it.