Philosophical Musings on the Future of Sensory-Somatic Technologies



The same brain that was doodling on cave walls is the same brain that produced the Mona Lisa and now the wonders of AI art. Think about this fact for a moment. The brain of modern humans is basically the same as that of prehistoric cave-dweller. So in times when we were running stalking rabbits with sticks, we had the same neuro-cognitive capacities that now allow us to fly to space, edit DNA, and examine the insides of the functioning brain. It's astounding. It's almost as if the brain is already equipped with the future potential blueprints that come into play at certain key stages of cultural development. This is similar to the way humans develop biologically. All of us, for example, are born with a sexual blueprint that begins to unravel long before we reach sexual maturity. It is possible that similar sequences develop at the cultural or species level and unfold at key periods.

Speaking of sex, there have been changes in our sexual behavior since prehistoric times. The idea of romantic love crafted in Europe, for instance, or the hyper-refined methods of Indian caste systems are different from the rougher club her in the head and take her to the cave approach of our hairy ancestors.

Not that we know much about our sexual history and prehistory. We have no problem writing about endless wars in heavy breathy detail or watching two dudes bashing each other until they bleed, but if a little bit of nipple shows up on network TV, then oh lord, get the fainting couches ready.

I don't have a crystal ball to see the future of sexuality, I have two- my brain and computers. When I rub these two balls together, it seems clear to me that sexuality will involve intelligent computational devices. It's inevitable that electronics will play a key role in our sexual development. Do I have evidence of this? For one, I don't believe that you clicked this post just to read my philosophical musings on the development of sensory-somatic technologies. You likely clicked because of the futuristic babe gracing the cover and the promise of just a little more. You wanted to be turned on, titillated. Two eager eyeballs reaching for the clusters of global electrons that would lead to excitatory arousal of erotic brain lobes. Thanks to the new technologies available, I am more than happy to oblige.

The following set of images are not only meant to boot up your kinky circuits but also to provide a few scintillating examples of what awaits us in the future. If you read this far, then you know there's no turning back. So hold on to that long board and surfs up!







"This honey is delicious!"


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