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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing. The question is whether it will end up serving humanity or not.

One project brings this question to the forefront.

A startup put together a GAN algorithm that was able to produce nudes of women. These are photos of women who do not exist.



The company is called These Nudes Do Not Exist (TNDNE) uses an algorithm to generate photos of the women. Their website charges a dollar per photo to download.

This is the first stage of the venture. They are seeking to use the GAN technology to produce women in different poses and, eventually, get into AI generated pornography.

Here we come to the question does humanity really need this? From a technological perspective it does show advancement. The challenge for the company is finding enough royalty free photos to run through the algorithm for the machine to learn.

This follows the Deepnude application that came out last year that used AI to remove the clothing of women, creating fake nudes.

Of course, the later could involve privacy concerns. Nevertheless, what does this tell us about society when people are using time and a powerful technology to generate naked women?

I guess you could say that technology is advancing, for better or worse.

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Ah humanity.. you never cease to astound me!