A Brave entry in the AI-Powered Search Engine Market


Privacy Focused Approach Since its Inception

Privacy focused Brave Search was launched in 2021. The aim to was compete with Google and Bing by offering users more control over their data and online experience. Unlike other search engines, Brave Search does not track users, sell their data, or show them personalized ads.

brave summarrizercover.jpg

The Launch of AI-Powered Summarizer

Yesterday, Brave Search launched a new feature, an AI Powered Summarizer. The Summarizer feature uses large language models (LLMs) to analyze one or more web pages and extract the most important information. Then it generates a summary of those pages at the top of the search results page, and provides sources.

Unlike Bing Chat which answer users’ queries in a conversational way and allows users to ask questions however they like, do complex searches, follow up, and make refinements in Brave Summarizer is perhaps more reliable and accurate than others because of its resistance to prompt engineering. It has trained its LLMs to read a page, exclude hate speech, and generate a summary of the page.

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Emphasizing Independence and Privacy

A few hours ago Brave tweeted, that it does not rely on third parties or limit access due to scalability concerns. It is based on the same principles of independence and privacy as all Brave products.

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The Brave Summarizer feature can currently be used for queries in English only and is able to generate a summary for a small number of queries but this will increase over time.

Just to give it a try I searched for my namesake Rishi Sunak who happens to be the current Prime Minister of United Kingdom.

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