How Ajebor Farmers is Encouraging Agro-Investments in Nigeria Using Modern Technology

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In tackling food security, poverty, and environmental degradation, agriculture is key. According to Samuel Johnson, “agriculture not only gives riches to a nation but the riches she can call her own.

Currently, food import is $35 billion and it is expected that the figure will be $110 billion annually in the next five years with Nigeria expected to be the highest importer.

As a result of the recent government policies, research has it that Nigeria has surpassed Egypt to become Africa’s largest producer of rice with 8 million tons being produced yearly.

However, good government policies are not the only factors boosting agro investments in Nigeria. Innovative farming fused with modern technology is playing a major role too.

In Nigeria, modern farmers are becoming more aware of new innovative farming techniques and are using them to improve production, storage, distribution, and sales.

The Emergence of Ajebor Farmers and Digital Agriculture in Nigeria

Agriculture has undergone a series of revolutions that have driven high efficiency, better yield, and profitability to levels previously unattainable. The rise of digital agriculture and agro investments using technology is one of the most recent transformative and disruptive agricultural revolutions.

Digital agriculture will not only change how farmers farm but will fundamentally transform every part of the agri-business value chain. A lot of Nigerians have been asking for some time what Digital Farms are all about and how to invest in a trusted platform.

Ajebor Farmers are positioned as a trusted and secured agricultural platform using modern technology to encourage agro-investments by connecting investors with local farmers looking for capital.

Every real Nigerian would probably have heard the term “Ajebo” or “Ajebota” in their lifetime. The 'ajebo' people are more inclined to act in a sophisticated or exotic way. Being wealthy or in the upper-middle-class most times make many Nigerians regard some people as 'ajebota' because of the standard of living they are used to.

Ajebor Farmers is an online agro-investment and digital agriculture platform that uniquely connects people who wish to engage in agriculture and agro related businesses to people who are directly involved in it but are in need of capital to start up, upscale and expand.

Ajebor Farmers are innovative with a solid market presence and are involved in a lot of social and environmental work. By partnering with local farmers, and engaging in food production, and extensive distribution network all over Nigeria, Ajebor Farmers has proven to care about their investors and farmers.

Agricultural Projects by Ajebor Farmers in Nigeria

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Ajebor Farmers are a team of creative and excellent professionals with great business acumen in the Nigerian agricultural sector led by the CEO, Victor Oyita. Ajebor Farmers deploy cutting edge modern techniques in farming, processing and marketing strategy to ensure you get a good return on investments.

Ajebor Farmers are making an impact by being involved in different social and environmental works to support the Nigerian agricultural sector. One of the ways they do this is by connecting local farmers with highly placed individuals and technical experts to increase efficiency and boost their output.

Ajebor Farmers are also helping individuals own and set up branded shops for selling Aura Premium processed rice at a highly discounted. With a minimum of 50,000 Naira, you can own a branded shop worth over 3 million Naira with 50 percent invested capital worth of goods delivered to the shop.

These initiatives and more, are some of the ways Ajebor Farmers are impacting the lives of the average Nigerians using Agriculture and technology. With a solid market presence and deep penetration around Nigeria, Ajebor Farmers projects are salable and highly profitable. On the Ajebor Farmers website, there are a series of a unique bouquet of investment options that cater to the rich, middle class and anyone who may not have the time to engage in agriculture.

Some of the projects handled across Nigeria by Ajebor Farmers are crop farming, livestock farming, agricultural distribution network, agrotech, fish farming, commodity market, and direct sales. You can also invest in their rice distribution network by owning a branded shop in your locality or even a truckload.

When you partner with Ajebor Farmers, you can own a rice mill, drones, tractors, and organic fertilizers with a meaningful return of investments at the end of the investment cycle. Ajebor Farmers are currently engaged with local farmers across Nigeria who are the primary producers and knows how to work the land directly.

Other stakeholders on the platform are agric tech enthusiasts, foodies, designers, transporters, etc. You can become part of Ajebor Farmers today by investing in any of their current projects and cycles.