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RE: Agricultural news: New bioinsecticide to control Spodoptera frugiperda

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the researchers pointed out according to the web portal that it is a biodegradable product that does not cause imbalance in ecosystems

This is really a great news, as this means that there won't be any long-term consequence on the area. Are we however sure about it? How long does the bacteria considered take to decay?

Thanks in advance for clarifying! Cheers!


Greetings dear @lemouth, thank you for your valuable question, currently the use of biological products based on entomopathogenic bacteria, is a preventive method what is sought is that the bacteria are ingested by the insect so that then inside they release toxins and penetrate the cells of the intestine as mentioned in the article, But what you mention is important because according to the publication they will try to develop transgenic crops that is to manipulate the plants to inoculate the toxins extracted from the bacteria, in that sense, I do not consider it good that plants are genetically modified, because although some specialists mention that it does not cause harm to humans, we do not know what reaction can be had at the time of being manipulated.

The opposite case is the application of bacteria that carry out their natural processes when in contact with the insect without interfering directly with the crop.

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Thanks for these insights! I agree that it is better not to touch crops, if possible, because things get turn out of control (I guess there are examples).


Crops with genetic manipulation have registered certain affectations on human health, they have generated plants such as corn that are resistant to herbicides such as glyphosate, because it is a product that affects any type of plant and to be able to control other unwanted plants, they generated transgenic crops of corn resistant to that herbicide.

Crops with genetic manipulation have registered certain affectations on human health,

This is definitely in what I am interested. Do you have specific examples?

Hello friend @lemouth the transgenic corn crop created by the monsanto company some researchers from france managed to corroborate with some studies generated by the same company that they can cause toxicity in organs such as liver and kidneys.

Ah that one. Yeah I forgot about it although I heard about it. That's right. Thanks for the reminder!