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RE: Some considerations on rotational grazing.

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Interesting approach, and yeah fertilization can saturate the soil as well right?


Hello dear friend @gwajnberg, it is a pleasure for me to greet you again, if we talk only about the soil with maintaining organic matter is enough for the decomposition and mineralization processes to run naturally and thus obtain the necessary nutrients.

But logically these nutrients are important for the growth and development of plants, when fertilized with synthetic elements that are quickly assimilated by plants without any control or without considering the deficiencies that exist in the soil, an imbalance can occur in plants producing a large amount of amino acids what attracts insects, known as trophobiosis which we will talk about in other articles.

In the case of grasslands there are some brachiarias that when fertilized excessively with nitrogen begins to accumulate nitrates, which can cause poisoning in animals when they consume it.

Until then, have an excellent week, your comment allows us to visualize future content.