Which is known for self-sufficient agroecological unit

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Dear readers, in our blog we have always shared aspects related to the ecological and sustainable management of agricultural systems, nowadays there is a lot of talk about it and a series of terms have been generated to allude to sustainable agricultural systems, one of these terms is known as self-sufficient agroecological unit. It is called a self-sufficient agroecological unit, to those agricultural ecosystems that are diversified with agricultural, livestock and forestry items, it is managed as a true system where each component is used for the benefit of the other, for example, the use of livestock component manure to generate fertilizers and fertilize the agricultural component, in this way they reduce dependencies on external resources.

In this sense, agroecological units can be diversified by sowing crops of cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruit trees, forage species among others, different species of animals such as cattle, pigs, goats, chickens, worms among others can also be integrated; when these plant and animal species are integrated, some benefit from others, since some of the crop species could be used as alternative food for animals and animal manure can be used as mentioned above incorporating it into the soil and improve the presence of organic matter; as for the forest component the plants can be used in the boundaries and use wood when necessary to obtain wooden poles that will serve to delimit the forage areas.

On the other hand, some of these agroecological farms use the manure produced by animals to establish biodigesters for the production of methane gas that is used for domestic use in kitchens, manure is also used for feeding worms, we have verified that bovine manure is well accepted by worms, which is quickly degraded to obtain a compost and humus of very good quality.

Also set associations of crops for the use of the surface, it generates a greater production of organic matter and in the case of associate it with plants belonging to the family of legumes these provide benefit to the soil, because, they have the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen through its roots with a symbiotic process that you do with some nitrogen-fixing bacteria, that element is essential for the growth of the plants.

In this same order of ideas, are also referred to as farms self-sufficient because the owners (family), allocate part of the production for your power, for this aspect also plays an important role in the diversification of crops of vegetable and animal origin; it generates a kind of a sustainable economy because with the production obtained not only feed, but also derive economic benefits from the sale of crops.

In general, the units agro-ecological self-sufficient, enhance the utility of the local resources, where the ratio input – production becomes more favorable in terms of cost – benefits, on the other hand, the diversification allowed from the economic point of view that if one of the items produced low price in the market can be used within the system, whether processed or as food for animals, depending on the item it also maintains the balance of the system increased biodiversity.

This type of agricultural system starts from what is possible to implement to achieve what is desired, it begins by minimizing costs with the use of internal resources and as it becomes more productive, there will be resources to finance seeds, equipment among other inputs of agricultural importance to gradually increase production.

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Can I call you a professor? 😅 every day, I learn something from you like a teacher. 😍 yeah, from now on, I will contact you, prof. 😇

In my opinion, this practice is still lying; most industrial farms don't want this. Haha. Only intelligent people could do this, like aligning the plant without the same family category. From solanum family is a broad term already. In such ecological, they must have neighbour plants which they don't pair in genetics. So the cycle of disease will be cut down.

But within this practice, if they make it perfect, cost and expenditure will be lower. I loved this management. 😍

Greetings @eunoia, thank you for these words that are very meaningful for us, we are here to learn from each other, your content is also very interesting and we note that you are a faithful lover of agriculture.

This model of agriculture is very little used nowadays because producers got used to being supplied with technological packages full of synthetic products that cause damage to the ecosystem, but nevertheless systems can be established by integrating both models reducing the excessive use of synthetics and more application of organics.

Crop rotation as you mention is important to break the cycle of insect pests, and avoid the extraction of the same nutritional element from the soil, you can alternate crops from different families, depending on the soil and climate conditions you have.

See you later, have an excellent week and we are still in communication!

I wish I could have a land to do something like that! an auto sustainable land with some producing

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Hi @gwajnberg, without a doubt the land is still the most precious potential of a nation, being able to produce a large part of the food you consume and being able to generate income coupled with that is priceless.

See you later brother, have a great weekend.


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I love your designs, really well done. Great article as well!!

Hello @activistpost, thank you for those valuable and motivating words, we are pleased to know that the content is to your liking, we will continue in communication.

So long, have a great weekend.

Informative as always . From your articles there's a lot of possibilities when it comes to agriculture. I hope more people will see it's potential and invest more to it.

Hello @jhero22, our blog has the intention of educating from our humble knowledge about aspects related to agricultural sciences, hopefully every day people continue to integrate into agricultural production and governments are focused on generating agricultural development plans.

So long, have a great weekend.