Some considerations about nurseries

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Dear readers, nurseries are an important component for the propagation of plants in agriculture and gardening, the space allocated for this activity will depend on the number and diversity of plants, polyethylene bags of different dimensions can be used for the propagation of plants, there are also plastic structures known as seedling that is nothing more than a plastic tray divided with different holes, on the other hand, if you do not have the financial resources necessary for the acquisition of bags and trays, you can use recycled bags or containers that will undoubtedly serve for the germination and management of seedlings before taking them to the final field.

In that sense, it is also important to mention that the spaces destined for nurseries are usually located outdoors and some use meshes known as poly shade whose function is to regulate the direct entry of sunlight and maintain a cool environment in the area. It is important to mention that there are nurseries for the propagation of ornamental plants that are those that are used for decorative purposes, some specialize in medicinal plants and there are also nurseries where agricultural crops are propagated, in the southern area of Lake Maracaibo there are a large number of hectares destined for agricultural nurseries especially palm cultivation that has been very exploited in recent years in the area.

The objective of a nursery is to provide plants with the ideal conditions during much of their phenological stage, it can be said that it is a controlled area, where the practices of weed control, pests, fertilization, irrigation among others are applied. All this is done with the intention that when the plant is taken to the field, it has sufficient vigor to withstand some adverse climatic conditions, the attack of pests and diseases, the person in charge decides to transplant the plants on the ground when they reach a specific size, for example, for tomato cultivation by having an approximate height between 10 and 15 cm they are taken to the field to complete their growth and development.

In this same order of ideas, it is important to mention that the place where the nursery is established must have water sources for periodic irrigation, since, the seedlings need to be kept hydrated for their good development, an important factor that should also be considered is the wind because it can cause kinks in the seedlings taking into account that in the early stages they are fragile, to control this situation a little, a kind of windbreak curtains can be made by placing scattered trees around the nursery at a considered distance to avoid excess shade.

Before establishing a nursery, the following aspects should be taken into account:

  • Number of plants to be propagated
  • Material to be used as a substrate for filling the bags or containers
  • Water source available
  • Distribution of available space
  • Type of propagation material (Sexual and Vegetative)
  • Planning of agronomic activities within the nursery.
Dear readers, if you have the opportunity to visit a large nursery, you will surely find great variety of plants if you want agricultural plantations or organic farms with variety of cash crops (fruit trees), then the service of a nursery will be useful for you. If on the contrary you want to learn about gardening and keep your family plot full of attractive plants, then it may be convenient for you to visit a small local nursery, this would allow you to get assistance with the plant species you want to grow on your particular property and work together with the professional gardener to help each other improve their skills in the field of ornamental gardening. In conclusion, nurseries are used by many people in the world. they are an integral part of agriculture and gardening and an important resource for growing trees, shrubs and flowers.

Bibliographic references
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