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At first we must agree that the basis of science is based on the principle of uncertainty, theories and uncertainty; leading to experiment, testing and discovery to reach the facts, scientists have agreed that the rules and constants are very few and most of the sciences rely on positivist theories and assumptions, and among the few agreed rules Is the principle of change and change and movement and instability of the situation.

The whole universe is based on movement, rotation and change; from galaxies that swim in the universe, the movement of the sun in the galaxy, the movement of the Earth around the sun, the geological movements in the layers of the earth, and even the movement within the cells of organs of living bodies and the movement of small particles within the nucleus of the atom.

Also, change, change and movement occur continuously and permanently in all the laws of the universe and even within the environment in which man lives through the ages and times and this is considered evolution and turned to better, and this development extends to man himself, certainly man Stone Age had his thinking and science limited as much as his mind at the time Moreover, this man has been developing and developing himself through the ages through the early and the Middle Ages, even the modern man who has reached the accumulation of science, which he is currently using to complete the process of human development and human aspiration through science and through endless knowledge.

Here we are in the process of intellectual monitoring of the theories of human development themselves; by integrating microcomputers and nanotechnology segments with human organs such as the brain or nerves and others, in order to maximize the benefit of these organs and make them more intelligent in their interaction with each other and with other devices, to produce the so-called (electronic man ).

Perhaps contemporary man is the most fortunate during the ages, where he ended the amount of knowledge of the former inhabitants of the earth and can use a great deal of knowledge left by our ancestors scientists

But it is possible that the human being of the future uses science automatically and programmed and does not enjoy experiments or research;

As well as the human has finished the discovery of himself, as long as man sought to discover its composition and structure, especially the mystery of the human mind that puzzled humans over the time of the complexity and accuracy of its composition, but with the intensification of research and exploration became the human mind is home to many scientists who have solved many of the mysteries and sailed through it And minutes

As a result, the recent years have brought many successes in discovering the components of the brain and how it works and communication and control over all parts of the body, and even treating its deficiencies and make it more efficient and effective and developed to be a super organ that can make human be able to integrate with technology in a literal and objective sense

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