How did serendipity contribute to the generation of inventors?

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There are a lot of things that we use in our lives, and all of these things resulted from the experiences and research of many scientists and researchers, but we never asked ourselves, what caused the inventors to invent these innovations ?! Did these innovations come to the desire of the world or the inventor to do this thing ?!

Mark Tuan says: “Serendipity made a lot of inventors.” This is true. We all know the story of Newton and the apple when the apple fell on him.

This is what happened with many scientists and inventors, either an invention as a result of a mistake or a result of chance as we will see in this topic ...

Alexander Fleming, for example, we all know penicillin and that it is one of the most important uses for treatment at the present time and the inventor of penicillin is called “Alexander Fleming.” This man was a participant in the First World War and he wanted to invent something that helps treat soldiers as a result of the death of many of them but the invention of penicillin and the most important antidote Vital to this day came as a result of chance. When Fleming was conducting some experiments on a forgotten glass dish under the microscope, and some dust came to bear on us. Filming’s opinion in the microscope was that the fungal mold destroys germs and bacteria, and when I conducted some other experiments, it was found that this mold that kills Your Tria is not toxic to animals and humans, then he developed this invention until penicillin was produced.

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