Teaching math is racist and destructive to the Environment.

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Here we have another academic masterpiece made with 40 academic references to support their claims.


They force people to learn Math in order to push for their evil ideas, such as rationalism, objectivism, power, control and progress.


Stop calculating before the planet gets cooked by your math concepts.


Decolonize our mind.

Where have I head this before?

Right. That protests at the University of Cape Town where among their demands was:

  • Rejection of the whole Western Science as it was created by colonizers to overwrite African tribal knowledge.
  • To have African tribal witchcraft to be treated as an accurate description of reality.(as no one can explain how Lightning can be cast by African Witches, as one of the speakers cited).
  • the abolition of the Law of Gravity as it was created by a white male to prevent black people from flying.

It seems this mind decolonization might have similar ideology regarding accusations of colonialism and racism against math and science.

Source: Springer Link

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