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RE: Movie Review: The Wandering Earth

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I ended up watching John Wick... and being so bored I had it play in the background while I minecrafted. So I will be avoiding this one completely. Thank you. !tipuvote 1


Lol I feel like I should just give up on movies and start reading more books, I'm just constantly disappointed. Also, I'm taking my newfound powers for a test drive lets see if this works !ENGAGE 20

Yip nothing on fmovies I go through it once a week or so and it all is shit. Check out @rhethypo he has 2books that are pretty damn good and you can also get @dreemsteem book on scribl don't tell her it is good. Book two should be out soon also. Then I got quite a few books and all the pratchett if you want haha

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Hehhehee you are so selfish with those compliments, you brat!!!

Thanks for the promotion... And book 2 ...yep. published within the next two weeks :)

Please note however...

@rhethypo's book = pretty damn good
My book = good


Ok ok! His was pretty damn good. Especially the one with you-know-who 😍

Lol where do you even find the time to right a book? I struggle to even put together a shopping list!

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LOL turns out ... when you leave the platform, you find all kinds of time for cool things! hehehehe

I actually wrote the first book while i was on steemit - but it took considerably more time . When I left the platform - i finished the second half of the second book in 2 weeks and wrote the first half of the third book in 2 weeks :)

now... i'm taking a break from Fireflies for one week to dedicate every free minute to reformulating Spunkee Monkee. I'm EXTREMELY excited! ideas are going nuts in this noggin of mine :)

gah! wrong account. this is dreemie - of course

i was wondering why my vote was only worth 0.01 hahahaha

there we go! that's better ;)

You need to own more token

LOL looks like I'm a broke ass, I was sold a lie! 1000 Engage to distribute is a lie, you here me

Lets try this one more time !ENGAGE 10

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haha thanx. I shall bury my 10 engage under a tree and hope it grows :)

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