We Need A Lottery to Burn $LEO $CUB $POLYCUB | Celebrating My 3rd LPUD

This is my biggest LEO Power Up Day participation. Majority of the LEO was earned through @leo.voter delegations. I highly recommend delegating to the project. You will be supporting one of the most accessible curation projects that spread the votes around in a more meritocratic way. I am very happy with the changes made to LEO Curation few months ago. Even an author stating today with zero connections on HIVE has a good chance of being curated. This is a very good achievement and exactly what we need to make new authors feel welcome and rewarded for their talents.

More $LEO Powered Up means there is lower selling pressure on the price. Despite the inflation being reduced by nearly five fold, LEO has very high inflation compared to most other large cryptocurrency projects. LEO Power Up Day has helped to to maintain the prices, but CUB and POLYCUB are facing dire situation at the moment.

I could not find any Farm with 240.81% APR. It could be a UI bug. Even the Twitter feed is from October 2021. The Marketcap to TVL ratio is very impressive and we certainly have big believers in the project. I am one of them. We need to go beyond simply believing and act to make the conditions better.

A Lottery Can Burn $LEO $CUB $POLYCUB

All these Tokens could have vastly bigger prices. We can provide some help with burning. If we can create additional buying pressure; we can make a significant impact. People like to participate in games and entertainment. So far we have not had that in any of our platforms. LPUD is the closes thing to a lottery we have from @leofinance and I believe it has had a positive impact on $LEO price.

What I Envision

  1. Users send Tokens to a smart contract
  2. 1 Token = 1 winning chance
  3. X% of all gathered get burned (I suggest burning 20% - 50%)
  4. Rest becomes the price pool
  5. Prizes are automatically sent to the winners

I suggest there being more than 1 prize. An all or nothing prize may discourage some potential participants. I don't know about the complexity of implementing this feature. I don't think it will become too much of a distraction on the ongoing developments. That is why I'm suggesting this option. Community feedback (especially from those with programming background) is extremely valuable for discussions such as this.

A Fork of A Dice Game

I earn dividends by HODLing EPC in my wallet. @epicdice has been consistently making some revenue. Part of that is used to pay dividends. @leofinance could use a similar game that provide entertainment value for users and then use the revenue to burn $LEO $CUB $POLYCUB Tokens.

The initial interest to play the game may even create demand for the Tokens. In the case of CUB and POLYCUB, this will lead to higher APR for the Farms and Kingdoms. Take a look at the Farms in POLYCUB:

We need to change this. It is a miracle that we have this much TVL left in the Farms. Bull market is not a magic bullet that is going to fix everything. We need to make improvements of our own.

Another Reminder on LPUD

There are few more hours left on the count down. If you have 150 LEO or 50 LEO (for Cub Attack), I invite you to Power Up and join LPUD. If you have Powered Down and $LEO after January 15th, you will not be eligible.

Best of Luck!

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