Earn 82.95% APY for Stablecoins + Fundamentals of LEO DeFi

I have a long history of finding myself (and investments) among underrated and overlooked projects. It is very rare for these projects to even get the spotlight they deserve. Usually it is the marketing and branding that end up eclipsing the fundamentals that I fall in love with. $CUB has fallen 99.8% since All Time High. I exclusively decided to invest in the CUB Kingdom. The same transpired with $POLYCUB (vexPOLYCUB). APY numbers kept falling in the bear market. The investment that made up majority of my portfolio ended up being worth a good laptop.

Most of cryptosphere and even many users have steered their eyes away from the DeFi portion under the LEO umbrella. I have not seen a single article or even a Thread about LEO DeFI in months (with the exception of LEO Premium related content). This leads to a very important part of DeFi that is waiting for your attention (depending on your investing strategy).

82.95% APY for Stablecoins!

I did not even take a look at these stablecoin Farms after the APY came close to 20%. $HBD savings are nowhere near convenient as a Liquidity Pool where assets can be withdrawn at any time. HDB makes up for this by being the best Stablecoin in existence. I have not seen anything else that is as well designed as HBD and it is another one of those underrated and overlooked projects I have come to love.

$CUB price did manage to stay around 1 cent for a significant time frame. Then the prices came crashing. All it takes is one order worth few thousand dollars to move the market in massive proportions. I have experience doing this to the upside when I was buying $CUB around the time of $POLYCUB launch.

If you look at the screenshot at the top of the article, you will notice that the APY is not that bad especially considering that we are in the early parts of a new bull market where there is potential for the Token prices to multiply greatly. I checked PancakeSwap APR for the Farms with highest amount of Liquidity and they are not all that different compared to what CubFinance is offering.

Management for CUB Kingdom

When I saw the feature to lock CUB for 52 weeks for extra APY, I happily obliged with the entire investment I had and hardly looked at what happened to it afterwards. It was meant to be a long term investment and it was already a bear market at the time. I didn't want to even touch the investment for a long time. The long time has come to pass over a month ago and I had an issue with my wallet.

The instructions are to convert CUB to Flex and then extend the duration of the lockup by 1- 52 weeks. The APY increase linearly based on how many weeks you are locking up the Tokens for. The problems I had is that the website does not support Brave Wallet. I can connect the wallet to login. This works on both https://cubdefi.com and https://polycub.com websites. When I try to sign a transaction on CubFinance, the wallet does not create a popup. The same problems happens for POLYCUB on the Governance page. Popup does show on other pages.

At least I know that it is not Brave or Brave Wallet that is acting up. I know that the bug is only in a part of the codebase. That is the extent of the feedback I can give. If the problem does not get fixed, I will have to try out a privacy friendly EVM wallet. Maybe this is all for the best.

There Are Strong Fundamentals

TVL is 2.31X of marketcap which is a healthy ratio. The project itself has very real use cases, especially for those of us who are already part of HIVE. What I want to see is more HIVE Tokens having a wrapped version on BNB Chain, Polygon and other future CUB Outposts. What is disappointing to see is that there no recent CUB Reports or burns to be seen. Did I miss anything? Current low prices come across as one of the best times to buy and burn some CUB. There is even the @polycubburner account (a community project by @myfreebtc) that has not posted anything since 5th of Spetember, 2022.

A Look at CertiK Skynet

@leofinance team did a very prudent thing by having their code edited. It saved the projects from being hacked. I remember there being few vulnerabilities discovered by the security audit. Go to the link above to search for various projects and indicators of their health. CertiK Skynet is one of the best tools available for analyzing fundamentals of a smart contract based project.

CUB Outposts Solve Many Pains

HIVE has grown extremely isolated from rest of cryptosphere and we do not have a strong social media marketing game. @khaleelkazi and rest of the team have been doing an amazing job with a mere 495 HBD per day. This is not enough and we are HODLing a stablecoin instead of utilizing DHF to aggressively expand HIVE while the bull market last and before strong competition arrive.

Making $HIVE $HBD $LEO and other assets available on popular ecosystems make the Tokens more accessible and reduce the friction for potential investors to throw in few dollars and engage with the community. DeFi can put HIVE on the map and make it easy to create partnerships for future HIVE projects. @leofinance is one of the most trustworthy teams in cryptocurrency and that solves one of the greatest problems any investor has to face; trust! Being able to lock my wealth for 2 years in vexPOLYCUB and sleep like a baby comes mainly because of my trust in the individuals behind the project.

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Lol premium is a flop they can't fix the glitches...

Then running off quality users over politics...

Yeah Leo is shooting itself in the foot while at the same time pretending to be a quality group.

I tried the premium. Think I'm still premium... But an orange checkark and markdown? That's all you get?

No new user support... That's totally stupid right there. No new user is going to re premium Leo if they get ignored...

And then that glitchy front end that disappears comments and also crashes so bad that it costs.you wjat energy comment or even your long form post..

If Leo is the most trusted group on the blockchaon that's a low standard as I'm sayimg their group is really lacking. Just totally not what I was expecting.

Shame too.

But hey blame the new user and gaslight them and tell them the issues are them....

Leo.... The group that promises a nice spot and then delivers a joke...

I'm so disappointed in them...


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