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Genuine AI Usecases Emerging and War against Spams

If Artificial intelligence must serve humanity effectively, there is the need to differentiate between trolls and real products that is aimed at solving rela life problems. Already, the war against spam AI products have begun and we hope it lasts.

This compilation covers some genuine innovations and improvements in artificial intelligence. There is also a clear stand on pushing genuine AI use-cases above the crowd of trolls and spam. The featured content is worth your reading time.

X moves to curb AI spamming Bots, makes Grok AI more accessible


In a bid to curb the current AI and troll farms on X, Elon is planning to charge new users a fee to enable them to perform activities on X. Also, Grok, X's AI chatbot recently released for Premium+ users is now available to Premium users and they can now use the Chatbot. The move by X to curb AI spamming Bots, and makin Grok AI more accessible is a dawn of a new era towards responsible AI usage.

AI Diagnoses Cancer in Minutes


Augmented pathologist is now a thing as artificial intelligence is put to use to help the pathologist work faster and more efficiently. The Gustave Roussy Cancer Centre, the first European cancer center, in the southern suburbs of Paris, has developed an AI-powered technology to assist in diagnosing cancer. The technology has been tested on a database of thousands of patient slides and work is continuing to improve the tool by relying on the experience of pathologists. It is believed that AI will free up time to do tasks more frequently and quickly.

EarnTV: Tokenized video streaming platform powered by web3


Technology has made it possible for users to earn money for watching streamed content in addition to entertainment. EarnTV is one such delivery and is a web3 video streaming platform that has its native tokens to reward participants in the ecosystem. The tokens are offered as incentives to get users to engage with content and perform other useful community tasks on the platform. EarnTV is powered by blockchain technology and has its own native token called ETV.

Affiliate Fees & Perma-Pools on Leo DEX: Towards sustainability


Sustainability has become a core value for the Leo team in building tech solutions in the web3 space. As Leo DEX goes Beta for cross-chain transactions on Maya protocol, this marks the beginning of the sustainability journey. The sustainability of the mechanism comes from the authenticity of the model. The design of LEO - CACAO pool is that it buys a small amount of coins and adds up to the liquidity pool. Slowly but firmly, the demand for LEO on the market will increase and there will be an arbitrage opportunity for those who use LEO DEX. We hope this model brings to bear the desired result.

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