This is my post for the challenge on #monomad curated by @monochromes

Good evening everyone, so tonight I want to share a macro photography object of a wasp whose scientific name is Prionix.


Prionix is a type of wasp that preys on grasshoppers by storing them before they lay eggs. The grasshoppers are buried under the soil which they have prepared before being eaten. They attack the grasshoppers by paralyzing them, then they carry them into the ground, after they lay eggs, they eat them until they reach adulthood and This method only applies to female wasps. Meanwhile, male wasps mostly attack their prey by eating where they attack.

We can find these wasps in areas where there are lots of dead plants, most of them often perch on dry plant twigs, in the picture above only one is perched on a living plant twig and that may have bothered me when I wanted to take a photo of them when they first landed. on dry tree branches in very large quantities.

This wasp has four variations of color on its body, on its legs it is black while on its back or buttocks it is orange, on its body this wasp is black and there are also white ones in certain areas, the white color is just hair that grows in certain places. while the wings are brownish. On their legs, these wasps have legs that look like saws or spikes, which may be useful so that they can land more easily anywhere. Below are some pictures of these wasps.






I found these wasps in the late afternoon, maybe they were taking a break from being tired while looking for prey or something like that. These wasps are not dangerous to humans, they do not attack humans if threatened, but if they feel disturbed, they will most likely just move to another place.

OK, friends, this is all I can show off on this occasion, hopefully it's useful, thank you for reading my post and see you.