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We're in the 21st century and it is a time when we are experiencing highly advanced technology so far and the world of technology is evolving. We are witnessing a fantastic improvement and innovations around us which is possible only because technology is evolving and as a human being we will benefit. Technology is built to make human life easy but it does not mean that everything will be good for us so we need to be considerate and use it wisely. While it can be very helpful for us what we also need to understand is that the misuse of technology can create a lot of challenges for us that we have to deal with so it's better to use it wisely and considerably.


Now we have mobile devices that are highly advanced and capable of doing so many tasks. I mean to say that we can do almost everything using the smartphone and many more devices around us can do much more. I'd like to see some technological innovations happening in the kitchen area of my house and I hope that this will help a lot of women that are working a few hours in the kitchen to cook some nice food for the family.

Technology in Kitchen

I know that many appliances can be used for kitchen work but I expect more smart and innovative solutions for the kitchen work that requires minimal manual effort. I hope that I'm not expecting too much because with technology it is possible and there can be multiple robots that can do many things which I am doing manually as of now but they also need to follow some tips and tricks and they need to be sensible. I mean to say they should not do everything just for the sake of work but they also need to have some intelligence while working on the kitchen task.

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Technology for household work

I also understand that the things must be in process that companies are working on some intelligent and innovative solutions for the kitchen work but that's not all because I would expect many other things to be in place that can also help me with the household work. We do house cleaning manage many other kinds of stuff at home and also open the door when I'm busy with something because it's not a good experience when I'm busy with something and some delivery executive at the gate to deliver something. When family members are at home then it's good but sometimes they are not at home and I am alone in that situation it is a bit difficult for me to open the door because that interrupts my work.

Smart tech

We are already surrounded by many smart tech devices for example Amazon Alexa. I anticipate that in the future we are going to have many more such devices loaded with a lot of functionality and such devices are going to be even smarter as compared to what we have now. This will bring a new user experience for us which is going to be even more improved and better but we also need to understand that we should not be dependent on all of it and still follow a lifestyle that requires some physical intervention.

If we are more dependent on technology then we are going to lose our physical fitness and our intelligence might not be used the way it should be so we should be using technology as part of the help but this should not be doing everything for us. I am not tech savvy but still, I do understand that we need to welcome the innovation of technology and get familiar with it as soon as possible so that there is no problem when we get to know something that requires our involvement. For example these days we have a lot of AI-based chatbots and to be honest, there is no need for such a bot in my life but I still learn because I don't want to be left behind. I'm learning to keep myself updated so that I know how to work on these AI-based chatbots even if my work does not require it because it's the need of time.

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