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Technology has surrounded us in a way that we cannot even expect a day without technology. Our day starts with the use of technology and the same also ends with the usage of technology for various reasons. We do multiple things using a mobile phone; undoubtedly, this has become one of the friends we use throughout the day. It is not just a device that is used for phone calls or SMS instead it has much more than this. It looks like that phone is just an additional feature that we don't do much in our day-to-day lives.

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I'm talking about the Amazon Alexa device which is a smart device manufactured by Amazon. I have one Amazon smart speaker at my home and it is a fantastic smart device with an Amazon device that works on the voice command. I have seen it upgraded over the years and it's been about four years from using this device. I'm not sure whether there is any new model available in the market but because the existing ones also get more updates from time to time I hardly feel like upgrading. I use it for many purchases including listening to music getting some news updates help on homework assignments and even some general knowledge etc. My son uses it a lot for some basic and general knowledge because he's in class 4th and he needs someone who can answer his questions and Alexa is the device that helps him.

Why don't use it a lot in a day I have many other things to do but it is still very helpful for me because all those questions coming from my son go to Alexa and this way it saves my time. Then I bought this device in 2000 19 that time I had no idea how I would be using it. I heard about some discount vouchers that I used on the Amazon website to purchase this device and thereafter I learned the ways how to use it. Now I'm happy to say that it was a good decision because now saves a lot of my time and is sometimes a good source of entertainment as well. Technology has come a long way undoubtedly and because this smart device is built on artificial intelligence technology through voice command the overall experience is always so good.

It needs a dedicated Internet connection and a continuous power source to be on. It does not have any battery so there is no option I can carry it with me so it has got a specific place in my house. It is so good that it can even hear from a distance of 20 to 30 steps which I think is pretty good. The wise quality is very good in terms of music and overall the lighting experience is also nice as far as I can see based on my usage.

Overall I'm very happy to have this Alexa smart device by Amazon and I know that there are different models available with more functionality the one I have is not so advanced but is still it does a lot for me. The good thing is that there is no screen so I do not need to be worried about my kid since he can only listen and no need to spend some time in front of his screen. He gets the answers for almost all his questions in the language he wants which can be English or Hindi depending upon his preference at the same time. Even some mathematical questions are answered easily and this is how this smart device is helping my son a lot and I'm very happy to meet this device.

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