9/11 Observable Evidence: Where did the South Tower Go?


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In this video I show that the once 500,000 ton WTC 2 South Tower has vanished into dust leaving a debris pile barely above ground level. WTC 3, a 22 story building that mainstream media and mainstream alt-media barely talk about, has also vanished into dust. What unimaginable technology could have turned these once giant skyscrapers into dust leaving very little debris?

The timestamps of key parts of the video are listed below:

  • WTC 2 South Tower weighed 500,000 tons: 0:00
  • WTC 2, WTC 3, WTC 1 vanish into dust: 0:36
  • WFC 2 is visible behind the debris: 1:01
  • WTC 2 debris is barely above ground level: 1:12

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If what NIST said was true, wouldnt you think that Engineers & Architects would want to study the reasons why it all collapsed? WHy other buildings collapsed?

It should create in depth Research & Physics... it should

THey spent less money to investigate than what they spent to know about Clinton's shenanigans in the Oval Office!

Annually, they always talk about the devastation. That is important too.

But, just like with Military Historians, there is a need for robust, analytical, and powerful analysis ... however, it seems mute! Like, the uncomfortable truths that people "prefer not to know" to keep together their own comfort & paradigms.