9/11 Observable Evidence: We Are Leaving Our Thinking to Someone Else


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In this video I have uploaded a short segment of Mel Fabregas and Dr. Judy Wood talking about the dumbing down of the educational system and the public letting others think for them. This was most evident on 9/11 when people were ready to go to war over the ghost that was Osama bin Laden, before they even knew what happened on 9/11. Mel Fabregas, from Veritas Radio, speculates that the school system is designed to keep the general public with the critical thinking skills of a 7th grader. Dr. Judy Wood, quoting from a Swedish article reviewing her work says that the main conspiracy running the world is the one that destroyed the educational system, and it is hard to argue against this. The last part of the video involves the WTC 1 North Tower "Spire" central core columns turning to dust right before our very eyes, but this requires that we think for ourselves instead of letting the news or alt-news dictate it for us.

Note that the thumbnail of this video is taken from the following video at the 2:52 mark which involves core columns turning to dust more clearly and just before the main Spire dustifies; truly mind-boggling stuff! https://youtu.be/3MWuaEMfPLM

The timestamps of key parts of the video are listed below:

  • We are leaving our thinking to someone else: 0:00
  • Public Fool System: 1:01
  • Conspiracy to destroy the Educational System: 1:35
  • WTC 1 North Tower Spire core columns turning to dust: 2:33

This video was taken from the following video listed below:

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It was the dustification video that blew my dad's mind - he wished he hadnt seen it as it made him uncomfortable.

As always, he ends it with, "We can't do anything about it anyway."

Like, not knowing, and living in comfortable ignorance, is a better condition to be in.




Wow very interesting, thanks for sharing your dad's reaction. People definitely have mental inertia that is difficult to change after perceiving reality the same for so long...


THe other aspect is they try to build up a strawman argument.
They minimise my openess to ideas and perspectives by trying to paint me into a corner..

"oh ur just a denier." or "i know that u think X,"

my argument to someone the other day is "I'm more of a contrarian" and they made their face furrow - like.. they want clear winners and losers hahaha