I'm Part of the Pixa Pixel NFT Project. Join the PreSale Interest Form!


Recently I became part of a new and revolutionary NFT project called Pixa. Nearly every other NFT project in the crypto world just has meta data added to the blockchain, but the actual images are stored on the cloud such as IPFS. Pixa stands out by storing all NFTs as pixels which are stored directly the blockchain! This means the NFTs are immutable so you can be rest assured they will last as long as the internet does.

My role in the project is to promote it on social media, which I am doing now. The creator of the project is Matias Affolter from Switzerland.

To learn more about the Pixa project, you can read up on @pixacoin's recent blog post: https://peakd.com/hive-102770/@pixacoin/pixa-ico-and-presale-interest-form

You can also visit ICO.Pixa.Market to view the Lite Paper, Pitch Deck, and the PreSale Interest form.

The pixel NFTs can be either created from scratch or converted from any image that you upload. Play around with our revolutionary Pixa.Pics pixel art editor!


We are finalizing the tokenomics soon, but in the meantime fill our the PreSale Interest Form to let us know you are interested in an (approximately) 40% discount price before the token launch!

The Pixacoin will likely have a wrapped SWAP.PIXA token on Hive-Engine.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Pixa Telegram: https://t.me/icopixamarket
Pixa Email: [email protected]