9/11 Observable Evidence: The Scientific Method


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In this video I have uploaded the first part of Part 1 of the 9/11 Observable Evidence documentary. This part emphasizes the importance of applying the Scientific Method to determine what and how 9/11 actually happened before jumping to conclusions as to who did it or what technology was used. The WTC Twin Towers were huge, with some estimates that each weighed 500,000 tons. WTC 1 or the North Tower was turned mainly to dust leaving a very small rubble pile, much smaller than the lobby, and even had 16 survivors walk relatively freely away. The survivors were not burnt by any hot devices, crushed by any falling debris, or deafened any loud noise. The only remaining core columns were also not crushed, covered in debris, twisted, melted, or appear to have experienced any conventional kinetic damage. All of this points to unconventional (cold) directed energy technology.

The timestamps of key parts of the video are listed below:

  • Part One: The Scientific Method: 0:00
  • Quote by Dr. Judy Wood: 0:07
  • WTC 1 was massive: 0:27
  • The lobby was higher than most of the debris: 1:24
  • Stairwell B survivor and firefighter Mike Meldrum: 3:13
  • What do we know about the survivors and the destruction of WTC 1: 3:58
  • View from inside the lobby: 6:11
  • Quote by Dr. Eric Larson on the Scientific Method: 7:25

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