9/11 Observable Evidence: Why Do We Still Have a Coverup?


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In this video I have uploaded a clip from the 9/11 Observable Evidence documentary which discusses why there is still a coverup for what happened on September 11, 2001. The coverup of 9/11 still persists in large part psychologically: from poor problem-solving skills, to group think, and fear of the ramifications. What happened on 9/11 was very obvious, which was the towers turned mainly to dust, but still so few see this; instead believing in the Osama bin Laden fantasy that was repeated in the news seconds after the 2nd "plane" impact. 9/11 shows that the world is run by evil and that the educational system is designed to facilitate this evil through a large scale assembly line of workers that avoid true individual thought and inquiry. Dr. Judy Wood said it best when she called 9/11 an attack on human consciousness, because that is just what it was...

The timestamps of key parts of the video are listed below:

  • Part One: Why Do We Still Have a Coverup?: 0:00
  • Ambulance undamaged, very little Rubble, WTC 7 still standing: 1:19
  • Determine what happened before the how, who, and why: 2:28
  • The Twin Towers were colossal structures: 3:53
  • Ambulance is not crushed, buried, or incinerated: 4:23
  • Core columns are not crushed, bent, melted, pulverized, or buried: 5:00
  • The massive WTC 1 left a rubble pile no higher than the lobby: 5:55
  • 9/11 was an attack on human consciousness: 6:20
  • Fox News Blames Osama bin Laden in 45 seconds: 7:41
  • We are leaving our thinking to someone else: 9:10
  • 500,000 tons vanished mainly into dust: 10:36
  • Destruction of the educational system: 11:05
  • The buildings turned to dust in mid-air: 11:27
  • WTC 1 Spire turning to dust: 12:08

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I also appreciate Dr Judy Wood's pictures of the dust cloud over New York!
Crazy people don't want to ask questions.
Like she says, it is dealing with a trauma.
I remember when I showed my dad some of the presentation, he was sort of angry at me & sort of frustrated, saying, "That's not what the news said"

Same response I get from him about Covaids. haha


Sadly, we cannot wake up the sheep. That is why we need to gather the lions.


I think it's obvious by this time that it doesn't matter why most people didn't understand what happened, or were unwilling to believe it and pretended it was boxcutter damage. Those aren't questions we need answers to, because the answer is known already. The questions we need answers to are how to survive the murderous terrorism that is surely coming our way, with ever greater frequency, and how to maintain and support civil society while the WEF and it's minions are trying to destroy it so they can replace it with 15 minute prisons, goyslop, and brutally violent oppression.

While I'm sure I could be drugged into ecstasy about being penniless, I prefer to soberly possess wealth, and I'm not going to succeed without a robust and equally sober prosperous community. Clearly the society we live in has been psychologically manipulated into something the WEF believes possible to utterly conquer and control, so the best chance of success to prevent that from happening is to seek fellows that do understand the terrorist threat we face, and similarly intend to prevent being captured and held captive by those terrorists.

The counsel of such good people will surely suffice to determine nominal strategies to surmount the challenges we face.