Asus ROG Ally + Linux - Finally Close to Being Steam Deck Clone?



Asus ROG Ally Linux hackers are working to turn their handheld devices into Steam Deck clones!

The Linux coders are pushing through barriers to achieve a nearly full SteamOS feel on handheld devices. The goal is to eventually allow users to flash a USB stick and transform their handheld devices into Steam Deck-like consoles.

Why this device? The ROG Ally is supposedly faster and has the ability to support more games at higher frame rates than the Steam Deck. The idea also was for the price to come down more aggressively, though in reality that last benefit is debatable depending on which specs you go for and where you purchase.

The process is detailed and involves converting the operating system to mimic SteamOS, plus it requires disabling Secure Boot to install a different operating system. The process is not easy and can result in issues, and at worst your device can be "bricked" (the device refuses to boot up ever again.)

Linux distributions, such as Nobara Linux and Ubuntu, have been attempted to be installed on the Ally. Some progress has been made with Ubuntu, including running benchmark tests and installing games through Steam's Proton compatibility tool.

Other projects, like ChimeraOS and HoloISO, have not been successfully fully loaded onto the Ally yet but folks are working on it.

The progress made by the developers so far is impressive given the nature of the project. However, performance is not on par with Windows, and there are limitations in controlling thermals and power draw.

Of course, all of this is unofficial - the project is not supported by any of the device manufacturers these projects are targeting.

Exciting stuff for Linux gaming fans but it is still unclear when a fully functional solution will be available to the public so for now we patiently wait.

For me, I am happy with my Steam Deck.

How about you?

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