Rare Mercury double conjunction with Sun and Saturn


Right now as I upload this to the blockchain at this very moment there is in the solar system a conjunction or exact alignment between the planet Mercury and Saturn and the Sun. This rare triple alignment is not often seen and happens randomly as the planets rotate at their various diverse speeds in relation to each other.


It's a rare occasion so I wanted to document it for the record like this. Mercury transits past the sun about 6 times a year, three of them on our side of the sun and three behind the sun, like today, from our geo centric point of view.

So the Mercury transit of the sun is not too unusual. What makes today's alignment rare is the addition of saturn also within exact alignment. And this is so tight an alignment that it is almost to the single degree of orb.

This is occurring in the constellation of Tropical Pisces or Siderial Aquarius. The exact moment marks the Mercury cazimi, an Arabic term meaning "in the heart of the sun". This is when Mercury is at its most exact point of direct conjunction with the Sun.

Saturn is no more than 22 minutes away, or just under a third of a degree away from the alignment. Traditionally, in purely symbolic and mythical terms, the gods named sun and saturn tended to clash as opposing themes. Sun is positive and saturn negative. Mercury is neutral, a go-between, messenger of the gods.

Symbolically saturn here at this moment suggests that there may be more hard work, but that it will bring with it equal reward.

So on that note, let's feel inspired to put in the effort because it will be worth it.

Discipline, time management, responsibility and dedication despite the time, will pay off hugely, as will delayed gratification. It's time to remove our light from under the bush and let it shine, as Nelson Mandela once said, quoting one other lesser known writer.

Bitcoin explodes upward now
Let's record this moment as a point where life opened up opportunity for hard work and management skill, in order to tap into more rewards, profit and investment. Let's see 2024 provide the bullish cycle we have all been waiting for and working so hard to achieve.

It's not just about timing the market, but also about time in the market. And for those who have been waiting patiently for the past two years, this year can bring rewards. Let the bull run and let's see who can hodl on enough to ride it to the shores of the moon. Or is it the sun? The goal posts are not fixed and we're about to enter uncharted territory.

Institutional investors are entering the Bitcoin market with deep pockets. Bitcoin is coming of age like a nubile bride. And the concern is that the richest contenders will get the most coin, meaning mainstream investors may end up owning more Bitcoin and it may lose that sovereignty factor. We'll just have to wait and observe while riding in their wakes.

Photo my screen shot edited on my mobile. Published from my mobile. Hive to the moon.


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