Winners Drone Post of the Week Contest 81


Round 81 of our Drone Pic of the Week Contest is completed! Yes, I'm slow getting the winners out again. Just when I thought the long hours at work were over, looks like it will be another few weeks of extra hours. Please bear with me on the late winners postings. I should be back to normal Friday night/Saturday morning postings by the end of next month.

Our top 3 winners will receive 10% of this post rewards payout in addition to the 200 ecency points, and our top 3 Honorable mentions will receive 5% of post payouts.

Be sure to click the author's links for their full posts and show them some voting love and comments!

Top 3 Winners (Not in any particular order): Be sure to click the links below pics and view their full post will all pics and videos.
Winner 1 - @szejq
The Poprad Gorge in Rytro | River of Poland and Slovakia
Welcome to the group and a very nice set of photo's over this town and river. Be sure to check out all of them in the full post!
Winner 2 - @biologistbrito
Serpa City🌏🚩 / Ciudad de Serpa🧭 (En-Es)
A really nice drone video tour of the castle and surrounding area with great story and pics to go with it.
Winner 3 - @mengao
The Mushroom House - San Diego, CA
What a cool house to vacation in. Seems like maybe would be a pain to be there full time with the accessibility, but would sure be cool to visit.

Honorable Mentions
HM 1 - @borniet
Harvest Hues: Capturing the Countryside's Golden Hour Grind
Was hard to not put this in a top winner slot this week. I do love to see good harvesting pics, and on my list to do some of my own next year.
HM 2 - @naturalbornk
Bahía Solano Colombia (Eng - Esp)
Welcome to the group and looking forward to more! That beach looks amazing!
HM 3 - @bombaycrypto
PhotoFeed Contest - Cityscape - Bournemouth AFC
HM 4 - @lokumberi
Some Amazing Shots from Agogo, Ghana

That's it for this week. I don't know about you, but I've had some great pics and video sitting on my drone for weeks now and just no time to pull down and compile. Well get them out and join us next week!

Our next weekly contest round 82 starts now. Theme is always open.

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Some of the Honorable Mentions may occasionally find a gift in their basket as well for participation and for helping to promote the new community. Many thanks to all!

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 180 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


Thank you! I'm glad to be part of the group, and I'm looking forward to sharing more. Yes, that beach in Bahía Solano is truly stunning!