The AI Revolution: How Technology Will Redefine Our Lives

Thinking about what to write on this prompt, my first thought drifted to me trying to write out my thoughts by tapping away on my keypad, then I imagined 50- 200 years from now, what would this same activity be like? Will they be thinking their words into existence? Or perhaps engaging in some form of technological telepathy with an AI writing partner? I read a post here on Hive by Olujay I think, about a mind reading AI can replicate images we have in our minds, so the future is even closer than we think. The future of technology can be filled with both equal parts excitement and uncertainty, a realm where our wildest dreams and deepest fears can break through.

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Some decades back we never had a smartphone talk more of it spreading across the globe, and without any doubt has been of great use to us in our everyday activities from doing research, scheduling our day's appointments, alarm, and so much more, but something better is already taking over, which is the AI technology, as the day unfolds, new versions and more intelligent AIs are being developed, so within the next few decades, yes few because it's already manifesting in more developed countries, I believe we will see artificial intelligence become very common just like the way our smartphones are today, but instead of carrying them around, I think we would rather be surrounded by them, in our homes, workplace, banks, and other public places. This reminds me of the last time I went to the bank to get a new debit card, instead of waiting in the line for a human customer rep, I was referred to a robot, inputted my command, and in a few minutes I got my card, it a was pretty amazing result, it saved my time, imagine having several AI technologies in different fields, I'm afraid and likewise excited for this future, but no doubt it's becoming a reality already, so brace up!

Many changes that we perceive now as futuristic are already on the way, such as the shift to fully self-driving cars for getting to work (if people still have to go to work physically). But these will not be limited to autonomous vehicles, imagine transport capsules that plug into one another, creating convoy “trains” on highways in real-time. Your car could begin as a one-occupant capsule and depart your home, merge into a cluster vehicle on a major roadway, and return to being an individual again before reaching your destination.

Finally, augmented reality at work will have made offices infinitely changeable environments. The tangible desks will be a thing of the past and their counterparts will be Augmented Reality workstations that could be called and dismissed with hand signals. How about your friend with whom you have to work together, yet she is located in a different continent? Their photorealistic hologram will be incorporated into your AR space and therefore you can interact with them in the same way you would interact with real people. These futuristic movies are bursting in my brain now lol.

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Come to think of it, the old order of work would be replaced by technology not just in the way we work, but in what work is as humans would have shifted from performing most of the tedious and repetitive clerical work to talent and emotional work as AI and automation become more prominent. The most valued skills will be those that machines struggle to replicate such as accountability based on empathy, emotions, and critical thinking, and the third accountability based on art.

In the health field, we will have nanobots that are flowing in our blood that will act as a maintenance team, recovering damaged tissues, fighting germs, bacteria, and viruses, and of course, reversing the effects of aging. Cosmetic gene editing is likely to become as widespread as cosmetic surgeries where people will start to choose how they want their adult lives to be. Some experts are already predicting that the appearance of new races of Homo sapiens might be produced, adapted to different conditions, including space.

In our homes, our interiors and properties will become a fully integrated smart environment. There will be smart and networked everything, and all of them will be responsive to the people. However, ‘smart’ will present a meaning much beyond what is perceived at the present moment. Your clothes for instance will constantly assess your state of health, regulate itself to accommodate climate change, and respond to an order to switch between colors or designs. Want to redecorate your home? Simply apply a new AR skin. Feeling like you need a vacation? Step into a fully immersive virtual environment indistinguishable from reality.

But let’s come to a promising note. Think about a world where people can have what they desire, where there is no limitation of the body, mind elderly and sick can have a second chance, where that term scarcity is buried in the oblivion, and where man can be in tune with his inventions. In this world, people can do what they want, travel in space, and achieve the unbelievable.

Of course, this is just one possible future of tomorrow, built from equal measures of knowledge and guesses and some good old-fashioned wishful thinking. The real future, on the other hand, will probably catch us by surprise in a manner that is not in the remotest of our imaginations. New theories might emerge to dismiss some of these ideas, and some new technologies could lead to completely different directions.

What, however, can be said for sure is that the road from here to there will be bumpy, strewn with ethical questions and questions of efficiency, and at the same time laden with marvels that can take your breath away. It is up to us to take this future into our own hands and form it in a positive way so that the future innovations will improve the life of every human being and the Earth we live in.

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