New feature: Convert your Telegram account to a business account


Telegram is taking the fight to Whatsapp with a brand new feature for business. Although not as popular as Whatsapp, this mobile messaging app is rolling out many new features that Whatsapp users may want to take a look at. Not long ago, Telegram announced that they are sharing ad revenues with owners of channels that have at least 1000 subscribers! And remember Telegram has had a crypto wallet built inside it which has attracted a large number of crypto users to the app. Now they are adding something new.

Few days ago, Telegram announced that they are adding a feature to the app which will allow users to convert their account to a Telegram business account. It simply means that small business owners can now showcase their goods and services to a large number of Telegram users on their contact. This increased exposure will likely bring more customers and help the business to sell more. Lets look at some of the features that this new setup will offer.

Features of Telegram business account

The business account has been filled with features that helps a business grow their customer numbers. In this section, lets take a quick look at those features and how they can boost the business for further growth.

  • Business location, nature and operation: The first thing that businesses should do is to tell customers about their products and services. So when converting to a Telegram business account, the owner could describe the business and what they offer. This information is crucial for customers that are looking for such goods or services. Business bio is as important as any other piece of information on the page.

Another important feature of telegram business account is that owners can now include details that will help customers find the business. The first and important thing there is location. Business owners can not only add the physical address of their business, but also show how customers can locate the address using a map. This is cool for first time customers.

Again, another thing that could be included is when the business opens and closes. This is important as customers need to know when they can find the business operational. That will be essential to their coming to visit the business. If the business opens on weekends or on holidays, that can quickly be seen on the business profile page.

  • Chats and auto replies: Customers can choose to contact the business and ask further questions about their offers. If they choose to do so, they are taken to the start page. Owners of the business can set up the start page with default content that will be used to welcome the guest before they start the conversation. That is additional opportunity for business adverts too. They can write a welcome text, and add any stickers that describes their business more.

A customer might start a conversation with the business off business hours or when the owner is not around. To take care of this, Telegram business includes auto replies. The owner can write series of pre-recorded replies that Telegram could send to the guest while they wait for a real conversation with the business representative. Some of the replies could be constructed based on likely frequently asked questions that customers might have. This way, the business is still able to provide valuable feedback to the customer even when a real person is not their to answer their questions.
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  • Organizing requests: Depending on the size of their customers, a business might have large number of chats and interactions with many different customers. Each of their requests are likely going to be unique. The business owner needs a way to mark or identify what each customers wants. For example, one customer might pre-order goods that are not in stock while another wants some discounts. Telegram business provides a way for the business owner to categorize all conversations using tags.

These tags are labels that could be added to every conversation. With this, these conversations could be organized into folders. This helps the owner to group similar chats into the same folders. By organizing the conversations like this, it will be easy for the owner to go straight into any folder and provide the same response to almost all of them. For example, their could be a pre-order folder or tag. Another folder could be for repeat purchase and so on.

  • Pre-recorded replies in links: There is a feature that allows the owner to create auto responses to customers enquires and put them as links. When the customer clicks that link and makes an enquiry, the response you already configured would be shown to the customer. This way, the owner does not worry about making the same replies to different customers.


Telegram is trying to challenge Whatsapp business and its done with with lots of features that are really cool for business owners. If you wish to convert your Telegram account to a business account, then you might as well enjoy these rich features. Of course, try to learn more about it before you do so. This article is just informational in nature.

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