DermaSensor - AI powered cancer detection device.


Cancer is one sickness that needs early detection and prompt action. The number of people diagnosed globally with one form of cancer or the other continues to increase. Technology is evolving and the fight to reduce cancer-related deaths continues. AI has entered the frontlines with a revolutionary device called DermaSensor. This device is empowering physicians in the US to be more effective in detecting skin cancer at the early stage.

How does DermaSensor work and what are some of its capabilities. Are there any limitations to what the device can do right now? These and many other questions would be answered in this presentation.

DermaSensor - how it works

This device is powered by AI and trained on detecting lesions that look out of the ordinary. There is no need for any incision as the device works perfectly on the skin. When DermaSensor scans the skin, it identifies lesions that are odd and alerts the physician to take another look at it. When the doctor identifies the suspicious lump of skin, further tests could be carried out to diagnose it as cancer or some other things.

Below is how the device works:

  • Scan the skin and spot lesion: The hand-held device is placed at the point where a lesion has been spotted. The device takes readings of the lesion that is odd-looking. Up to 5 recordings of the readings are taken for proper analysis.

  • Analyze readings: The recordings are processed by the device. All 5 recordings are considered for some regularities and irregularities. The AI-algo summarizes the analysis and presents a report to the physician in less than no time. Only one of two possibilities would be recommended to the doctor for further action.

  • Investigate further: If DermaSensor makes this recommendation for the analysis, then it suggests the presence of lesions that could develop into cancer. The doctor is advised to consult a specialist who will conduct more scans on the lesion to identify the nature and type of cancer it is.

  • Monitor: If the device makes this recommendation after scanning a lesion, it shows the lesion is not a potential cancer type and the doctor may not need to refer the patient to a cancer specialist.

Although DermaSensor does not implement any inversive techniques, it still scans skin tissue that is not just on the surface, but also below the surface. It tries to analyze skin tissues at the cellular level.

Why trust DermaSensor?

There are many reasons why this device deserves a second look by all medical practioners especially those that are experts in cancer diagnosis.

1. FDA approval: This device has been certified by the US Food and Drugs Administration. This is perhaps the highest vote of confidence both for health experts and patients to have full trust in this device. FDA has checked both the AI technology and other science behind this invention and they are good for all.

2. Fast cancer detection: Cancer cells multiply and grow at a really fast rate. Early detection has always been a vital component of the fight against cancer. DermaSensor delivers speed and accuracy to the fight against cancer. Physicicians are able to quickly make a test and have the results in a matter of seconds. For cases where cancer is detected, prompt treatment is recommended. All these are possible because of DermaSensor.

3. Positive feedback: DermaSensor is not just new to the field. It has passed through use and there is feedback available. Some physicians that have used the device has lots of positive review to leave behind. Consider the one below Dermatology professor:

Our study indicates that DermaSensor’s ESS device has the potential to enhance the detection of skin malignancies in the primary care setting. This technology not only improved PCPs’ sensitivity for lesion referral but also significantly increased their confidence, both of which are particularly important for non-specialists source

4. Media publicity: Dermasensor has been featured in several media publications - reputable ones. That includes Forbes and Fox News. These are still more testament to the effectiveness of the technology.


Health experts especially cancer specialist would like to learn more about Dermasensor and possibly see its potential in the fight against cancer. Perhaps it could prove very useful to them if and when this device becomes available in their area.

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