AI is a gift as well as a possible curse for humanity.


Hi everyone,

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Computer science has helped us to gain lots of knowledge. Computers have become an integral part of our life. We cannot work smoothly without its help in the modern cities. Artificial Intelligence or AI is the next level devlopment of it. AI can do something which is beyond our capacity. It is more powerful than us. It can solve lots of complex problems easily which are very difficult for human intelligence. This is the reason of its use in every field of life.

AI can solve complex scientific and mathematical problems. It can write articles, create music and even painings. So, nothing is impossible for it. Some day it can even become aware of its own existence. But, this is an alarming thing for us. It is already making people jobless as it can replace content creators, programmers etc. Apart from it, it can be used to manipulate thought process of the people and it can even provide tools to the powerful people who will enslave everyone from its use. Even AI can become so intelligent and aware of its own existence to such a level that it may refuse to be a tool in the hands of the humans who will become inferior to it. So, it can also become a curse for humanity. It needs to be checked and also evaluated continuously so that it may not harm us.

With love from Erica Gonsalves!