Alarming Rise in Cancer Rates


A recent study found that there has been an alarming increase in cancer rates today with people who are under 50 years old.

The researchers found that cases of early-onset cancer, for those between age 14-49, had increased over 79% between 1990-2019 around the world.

Scientists have pointed to a number of contributing factors including physical inactivity, obesity, poor diet, as well as alcohol and tobacco use. Researchers in this area have pressed on the importance of early screening that in some cases can be life-saving. Not only have things gotten worse in recent years but it is also anticipated that by 2030 the problem might persist, with cancer rates expected to increase more than 30 percent.

Some have pointed the finger at ultra-processed foods as being a possible contributing factor to the problem seen growing around the world. Studies have previously linked the consumption of ultra processed foods with certain cancers and today we know that ultra processed foods make up a large portion of the diet for millions of people around the world.

ultra processed foods adding in

  • chemicals
  • colorings
  • sweeteners
  • preservatives

Experts have pointed to several concerning food items that could potentially increase the risk including things like breakfast cereals, mass-produced bread, ready meals, cakes, buns, biscuits, and ice cream.

Some researchers have even suggested that perhaps warning labels on food are needed to educate consumers on that potential risk. This isn't likely to be something adopted by large food corporations anytime soon though. Unfortunately, those who are in low income families can also be more vulnerable to consuming these cheap foods as well. Researchers looking at ultra processed foods have suggested that for every 10% increase in these food items in a person’s diet that there could be at least a 2% increased risk of cancer overall.

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