ANALOG Computing (July 1986)


Cover of the July 1986 issue of ANALOG Computing

ANALOG computing was probably the best Atari 8-bit computer magazine published in the U.S. (though I suppose some might make an argument for Antic). They dabbled in Atari ST coverage when it came along but for the most part they stuck with 8-bit coverage. The July 1986 issue includes:


  • The 810 Flip Switch - It was common practice to punch a hole (really a notch) in the side of a floppy disk in order to make it useable as a double-sided disk. The instructions here are to build a switch for the Atari 810 disk drive that accomplishes the same thing without having to clip your disk.

  • RAMcopy! - A type-in program that will automatically copy specified files to a RAMdisk upon startup.
  • An interview with Russell Smith and Wayne Smith - An interview with the people behind the ATR-8000, an Atari 8-bit expansion that adds CP/M capability.

  • Personal Robots - Robots that can be used with Atari computers.

  • Arm your Atari - Using the Armatron robotic arm with an Atari 8-bit computer.

  • Blast! - A type-in sci-fi themed shoot-em-up game.

Table of Contents from the July 1986 issue of ANALOG Computing


  • Panak Strikes! - Reviews of various games including Spy vs. Spy Volume II: The Island Caper (First Star Software), The Mask of the Sun (Broderbund), and Ankh (Datamost).

  • Critical Connection - A software/hardware combo designed to allow you to use CP/M devices wth your Atari.


  • Editorial - Recent updates to the magazine.

  • Reader Comment - Letters from readers about the Gemini SG-10 printer, Atari ST monitors, sound capabilities of the Atari ST, and more.

  • 8-Bit News - Super BoulderDash released along with a re-release of the original, Microflyte ATC joystick released made especially for Flight Simulator, Star Fleet I released, new Atari 8-bit hardware announced, and more.

  • BASIC Editor - A new type-in program designed to help you accurately type-in BASIC listings from ANALOG.

Back cover of the July 1986 issue of ANALOG Computing

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