C660 Dashcam Unboxing


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I originally filmed this for reels, I changed my mind after making the video.

My mom got me a Dashcam for making it easier to film some trains. Mainly when I am late
or held up at
a red light and a train approaches the crossing a few feet a way. Having this on comes in handy and it
won't hurt changing up the pont of view to add something different to my content on reels and

I will be unboxing the C660 Dashcam. My mom got it for me from Amazon.

setting is up is pretty simple. I like how simple it was to set it up. If you're looking for something
no hassel, I suggest this.
There is suction thing so you can attach it to your windshield and take it
down. it comes with a car charger so you can keep it charged. Easy to put way when I am not driving
I always want something quick and easy to put away.
Also if you want to record for your safety etc, it works for that, as well.
Make sure to buy a micro
SD card. Maybe you wanna make driving videos. What ever floats your boat!

Make sure you keep the adaptor so you can plug the SD card into your computer!
I also filmed some test videos to see how well the footage came out and I am impressed with
how well
it came out. I think my mom said it was 20 bucks or so. Nice for 20 bucks. If you are on a budget
looking for a dashcam with good resouliton when recording, I suggest the one I unboxed and tested
in the video here.

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