Forget The Avengers...5G is the REAL "Endgame" - PART 1

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Introduction & Background

My name is Stephen Fenech, and I love technology. Ever since I was a small kid, I have maintained an immense fascination with anything that hums with electricity and want to understand every aspect of electronic devices and how they work. My dad was a professional Electrical Engineer for almost 40 years and worked for Detroit of the World's largest power distributors....and the premier power distributor here in Michigan. Inspired by him and my love for electronic devices, I too chose engineering as my field of study, and I finally graduated last December (2019) with a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from the great Western Michigan University.


At WMU I had the incredible privilege to study some of the most advanced and groundbreaking subjects within the field. Subjects like Electromagnetic Fields, Communications Systems (RF Signal Modulation), Microcontroller Applications and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) were some of my favorites.

I also had the incredible opportunity of working in perhaps the most well-funded lab in the entire WMU engineering department (CASSS - Center for Advanced Smart Sensors and Structures ). Under the funding and supervision of that lab, I led a junior research team of 3 people to build a wireless smart device that was woven into compression fabric and could read your electrical heart activity, filter and process it into a standard ECG reading, and transmit it wirelessley to your smartphone. So not only do I have a heavy background in wireless technology & communications systems research, but I also have accumulated quite a bit of knowledge and research in the fields of biology & health... and more specifically, cardiovascular health.

Here is a link to an overview of the lab and what they do:

SafeSense Technologies (Company Founded in The CASSS Lab):

and here are some pictures of me and my team with our finished product. Everything you see below was built from scratch by me and my team. Everything from the sensors embedded into the shirts,to the PCB that snapped to the outside, and even the software that was loaded onto the PCB was built from the ground up.





So yes...I like electronics.

Perhaps my favorite electronic device to tear down and study over the years has been the cellphone. I was (and still am) absolutely fascinated by this tiny black box that fits in our pockets and is capable of basically containing an entire generation's worth of information, while at the same time being a main source of entertainment and learning. I don't really know why I am drawn to these little guys...perhaps it's because I was never allowed to have one as a kid. Not even in high-school was I allowed to own a cellphone...mainly because my parents didn't want to pay for one, but also the still wasn't unnatural for a 17 year old to not own a smartphone. Alas, when I finally did get my hands on my first smartphone (a used one), I instantly fell in love.

The first thought that raced through my head as I tapped around on that terrible and clunky device (The very first Samsung Galaxy) was what an incredible miracle of an invention it was. I felt like I had the power of a god in the palm of my hands...and although that seems a bit dramatic, I definitely was onto something, because nowadays, the thing that sits in our pocket...the thing that most people use as a glorified portable television & entertainment actually perhaps the most powerful and complex combination of hardware and software the world has ever known. It is capable of doing things that most people couldn't even dream of, and if you know how to program or understand electronic hardware then you know what I'm talking about.

So you could imagine my heartbreak when I realized that they were slowly killing us.

I stumbled upon this inconvenient truth shortly after I started researching 5G (5th Generation Wireless Mobile Technology). I actually started researching 5G because I was excited about it and it's potential impact on the rapid expansion of our technological capabilities. At that time, very few people even knew that 5G was a thing...and there was almost no talk of the potential threat it posed to our overall health. However, as I read more and more about what it is and how it actually works, my excitement turned to fear. I quickly realized what this actually was, and the incredible affect it could have on the human race.

I wasn't necessarily afraid of the actual technology itself, per say (although there is plenty of reason to fear it). No, I was shocked and heartbroken to find out that the FCC and the Telecommunications industry already knew about it and were purposefully not doing anything about it, because doing so would make their product look bad. In fact...they have actively spent money on research that goes out of it's way to make their product look harmless and we haven't seen a cover-up this potentially harmful to the public since Big Tobacco.

There's a reason McDonald's doesn't spend much money on researching public human health and longevity. There's a reason why Big Tobacco kept the truth from the public for so long, and as you'll see here very soon, there's definite reasons why Telecom doesn't want this research coming out. You won't find one person out there who has actually read through it and has maintained the belief that wireless radiation is 100% safe.

Because of this, I have made it a very personal mission of mine to try and bring awareness to the public, because although my love for technology is indeed love for nature and the human race is greater. I hope I'm not too late.

This article will simply be the first of a ten-part series of articles on the dangers of 5G. I originally meant to fit all of this information into one article, but as I started to write it, I quickly realized there was just TOO much information to fit inside one article, while still keeping the attention of the general public. This information also happens to be extremely dense and often very technical information, so some time will be needed in between articles to allow for proper digestion and absorption of the material. In addition to reading my articles, I will be linking hundreds of studies, documents, videos, and podcasts that will take you hours upon hours to read through should you decide to consume it all. This is why I have decided to break these articles up into small digestable chunks.

Here is the list of articles that will be included in this series, and they will be released in this order

  1. Introduction / Who Do You Trust? (Current Article)
  2. Destroying the "Non Ionizing Argument" / Cancer Promoting Effects
  3. Effects of EMFs on Sexual Organs and Reproductive Health (Male & Female)
  4. Effects of EMFs on the Cardiovascular System and Heart
  5. Effects of EMFs on Oxidation and Reactive Oxygen Species
  6. Effects of EMFs on Genotoxicity and DNA / Do EMFs Really Cause Apoptosis?
  7. How EMFs Can Destroy Your Immune System
  8. How EMFs Affect Brain Health & Development
  9. How EMFs are Destroying Future Generations (Effects on Neurology and Psychology)
  10. Conclusions and Final Thoughts

Note: I will come back and link all of the articles once they have been published online, so this list can act as a sort of "Table of Contents" for this 10-part series

The Purpose of This Ten-Part Article Series

I mean for this series of articles to be beginner friendly, while still being an in-depth & comprehensive introduction to the dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation and Radiofrequencies. I will be linking several articles, studies, and websites throughout the duration of this series, and at the end of the 10th and last article, I will provide a link to a Google Drive (which I find hilariously ironic) where you will be able to find literally hundreds of studies that I have read myself (some hundreds of pages long), and within those, you will find references to a thousand more.

If you are just hearing about these dangers now, and want to begin your own research into these matters, I hope that this ten-part series will be something that you bookmark and come back to often. Read these. Share these. All of the information presented in these articles is from research done by some of the top scientists and investigative journalists in the world...all I'm doing is bringing it to your attention.

As much as I want you to take me and my opinion seriously, I also want you to do your own research and make your own conclusions on the safety of wireless devices and the future of the human race. That decision is something I would quite literally fight and die for, and this the main reason why I will be providing you with all of my compiled research at the end of this 10-part series. I wish to arm you with your own arsenal of tools and weapons to fight this incredible campaign of lies and deception I am about to expose.

This will not be a quick read. It will be a long journey. Although I am going to make this beginner friendly, I want to take my time and really make sure I cover everything. So bookmark this. Take the resources I provide. I beg you. Think about it long and hard, and make your own decision. This is the real deal. This is real research I'm giving you. Not the fake and padded reassurances of the mainstream media and Telecom.

God bless you, and God bless this research. Let's Get started.

Who Do You Trust?

First of all, I have to say that it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to try and get any information on the health effects of 5G and Electromagnetic Radiation directly from the Telecommunications Industry or the Mainstream Media. That's like believing Juul when they say that vaping is harmless, or the Federal Government when they say....well just about anything. I always have to give a little chuckle every time I try to bring up the harmful effects of EMF to someone and they instantly hop on their phone to pull up some New York Times article saying that it's harmless. You can't trust them. You can't trust the FCC. Hell, you can't even trust some of the "studies" that have been done on the subject, because they were funded, either in-part or wholly, by the Telecommunications industry.

So I guess the question all of you are probably asking right now is...who should you trust?

Well Certainly not any organization that has a monetary interest in, or who relies on the success of the telecommunications industry, and when you really start to think about that, the list of people & organizations you can trust actually gets very small. Yes, that means you can't really rely on any information coming form organizations like:

  • Google (The top search engine results and the official company statements)
  • YouTube (Owned By Google)
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tik Tok
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Nokia
  • Huawei
  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • Cricket

as well as anyone who may be linked to them and/or any other company or organization you can possibly think of that has a vested monetary interest in the success of the Telecommunications industry (Including much of the mainstream media who are funded by Telecom). Yes, this also means that any "Study" linked to these organizations in any way, shape, or form should not be taken seriously at all, because, of course they already have a predetermined agenda to make the science appear a certain way as to make the "product" look good.

In fact, there have been many independent third party studies that have been conducted in order to observe to what extent the effect funding has had on research in the area of Radiofrequency and Electromagnetic Radiation...and the numbers are simply stunning.

In a 60-page expose published by Investigative Journalist Norm Alster and the Harvard University Center for Ethics, he details "How The FCC is Dominiated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates". This 60 page work of art beautifully lays out the level of corruption within the FCC & the U.S. Government and why we will never get an honest opinion from them or anyone affiliated with them when it pertains to the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Fields & Radio Frequencies.

Now although I do strongly recommend that you download and read the whole things for yourself, I realize that it's 60 pages, and not everyone has the patience or the time to do so. Here are some of the highlights from the first 10 pages or so:

  • "There's no question that the government has been under the influence of industry. The FCC is a captured agency" - Renee Sharp (Research Director for the Environmental Working Group)

  • The National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) and the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) have annually been among Washington's top lobbying spenders

  • The CTIA alone lobbied on at least 35 different Congressional Bills throughout the first half of 2014.

  • At&T and Verizon worth through the CTIA...but also perform their own lobbying, spending nearly $15 million through the first half of 2014 according to data from the Center of Responsive Politics.

  • CTIA, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint spent roughly $45 Million lobbying in 2013.

  • In total, the entire Communications/Electronics sector spent almost $800 million lobbying to Washington from 2013-2014...making them them the premier heavyweight lobbying sector in the country.

  • From 1998-2020, the Telecommunications/Electronics industry has spent over $7.2 Billion in lobbying...making them the fourth highest lobbying sector of all time behind Health, Misc. Business, and Real Estate (Ranking 1, 2, & 3 respectively). And keep in mind this is just the money that is on doesn't include any shady under-the-table deals that we all know go on all the time in Washington.

  • "If you're on a committee that regulates industry, you'll be a major target for the industry." - Twaun Samuel, Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Maxine Waters

  • Tom Wheeler presided over the FCC from 2013-2017. Here are a few fun facts about Tom Wheeler:

  1. He also led the two most powerful lobbying groups, the CTIA and the NCTA.
  2. He Supervised a $25 million industry-funded research effort on wireless health effects, and when the study concluded that “The risk of rare neuro-epithelial tumors on the outside of the brain was more than doubled…in cell phone users”, and that “the ability of radiation from a phone’s antenna to cause functional genetic damage [was] definitely positive….” the CTIA rushed to muffle the message, and Wheeler promptly escorted research lead, George Carlo, off the premises.
  3. "You do the science. I'll take care of the Politics" - Wheeler said to Carlo
  4. He was appointed to FCC Chairman, despite his lobbyist past by none other than Barrack Obama after Wheeler raised $700,000 for Obama's presidential campaign.

Here is a video of Wheeler himself talking about the rollout of 5G. Notice how villain-like and imposing he sounds here...

And here is a video of the heads of the telecom industry admitting under oath that no testing has been done on the safety of 5G...

Wheeler isn't the only lobbyist to grace the top of the FCC either. Folks like Meredith Atwell Baker, Michael Powell, and Jonathan Adelstein have also helaped lead the FCC. Here are a few fun facts about these people:

  • Meredith Atwell Baker:
  1. Former FCC Commissioner
  2. Former Lead Lobbyist for Comcast
  3. Former head of the CTIA
  • Michael Powell: Former FCC Chairman while also heading the NCTA
  • Jonathan Adelstein: Former FCC Commissioner also headed the Wireless Infrastructure Association.
  • Many prominent cell phone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung are CITA members

Essentially what Mr. Alster is trying to say here, is that a revolving door of power has been set up between the FCC and the telecommunications industry...leading the once-reputable organization down a rabbit hole of evil and corruption.

How has it gotten to this point? You may ask. How has the federal government been allowed to become so corrupt, that it has become comfortable with putting human lives at risk just to make a few extra thousand bucks? Well, you see it all started with the infamous Telecommunications Act of 1996...often described as "the most lobbied bill in American history"

The bill basically grants power to the telecommunications industry over local governments.

For example, in section 332 of the bill, it states that local governments no longer have authority over the zoning of cell towers, and that they cannot cite health concerns about the harmful effects of the radiation coming from them as a valid reason to halt the construction of any towers.

Think about that for just a second. Local Government no longer has the ability to stop the construction of cell towers in any town or city...even if it can be proven that they will be harmful to the residents. As long as it "complies with FCC standards" the towers are A-Okay to go up.


But as we just saw, the FCC is owned by Telecom. This is the level of corruption we are dealing with.

Prompted by this now-unstoppable green light, telecom has been working tirelessly to install as many cell towers as it possibly can over the past schoolyards, in Churches, and in many other public spaces. However, as much damage as the industry has done to our will be nothing compared to what is coming with 5G. As you'll see in a later article, they are planning to have 5G mini cell towers (Which are constantly pulsing high-frequency Microwave radiation 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week) on every lamp post...on every public trash can...every 300 feet. You literally won't be able to walk down the block without encountering at least a dozen 5G mini cell towers, and even if it gives you cancer (there is plenty of evidence it can and will) the industry is exempt.

And although congress once-promised to lessen federal control over local zoning, we can see that it has actually grown exponentially ever since the Telecommunciations Act. A plethora of new laws and regulations have been passed that make it practically impossible for any local government to oppose the fatal boot-stomp of the Federal authority. Again, Alster goes into further detail about this in his expose.

Science is almost always the catalyst for regulation. In today's world, if a regulation isn't backed by some sort of science, then there is very little credibility behind it. Let's face it...we are a now a species who relies on hard numbers and data. In fact, this is commonly used by malevolent powers against people like me...calling us "science deniers" when true science and free speech is perhaps the thing we value most in this world. But what happens when the scientists, politicians, and media corporations are dependent on industry for funding? And what happens when the biggest industry the world has ever seen and ever will see just so happens to be the Telecommunications industry?

You get bad science. You get biased science. You don't get the full picture....

...and you get lies.

Not only has the FCC been hijacked by the very organizations it pledges to regulate, but even their regulations can't be trusted. Why? Becuause the regulations currently in use are almost 25 years old. They are sorely outdated. To make it even worse, these outdated regulations are built on an idea that's almost 60 years old. The idea that, if Microwave radiation isn't heating us then it isn't hurting us which, as you'll see in the research ahead, simply isn't the case.

The idea that because the radiation being emitted by cellphones is non-ionizing, it can't possibly be harmful, is so painfully stupid, that I had a hard time believing it was the #1 argument for skeptics on this issue. If you try to use that argument against me, all it tells me is that you haven't actually read any of the reasearch conducted in the past few decades.

The FCC is still operating and regulating organizations based on science that is almost 60 years old. Think about that. That's insane. Think about how much we have advanced technologically and scientifically in the past 60 years. 1G (1st Generation Wireless Technology) was rolled out in the 80's for Gosh sakes! 3G is only 19 years old, and 4G LTE is only 10! This stuff is still brand new!

Yes, indeed it is and we are still using 60 year-old science to regulate it. Regulations made by the same organization whose reputation and credibility has been completely and utterly decimated by the industry over the past 30 years.

But there is hope. There are real scientists out there who won't stand for this deception, and no matter how much money or funding is shoved in their faces, they won't sell out. If you want to find out the truth behind the Telecommunications industry, and conduct real research into the health effects of EMF and RF, then finding these people is absolutely essential.

The Scientific Consensus

Now if you don't want to take my word for it, then perhaps the 26,000 scientists across the world can help me convince you. This isn't a conspiracy theory. This isn't even a theory at all. It's scientific fact that Electromagnetic Fields and Radio Frequencies are detrimental to human, plant, and animal life, and the science backs this up, as you will see in the next 9 articles.

However, even with my Electrical Engineering degree and 2 years of intense research on the subject, I realize that anyone can say anything on the internet nowadays, and I would be a fool to make such bold claims without backing it all up with real science and hard data.

Well conducting real science requires real scientists...and the ones that have spent a large portion of their lives studying this matter are almost all in universal agreement that more testing needs to occur before we roll out the next generation of wireless technology...a generation that will see a MASSIVE increase in exposure. We're talking anywhere from an 8x-25x increase in frequency and exposure.

One of these courageous people is Dr. Henry Lai, Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington. He too has done extraordinary work...compiling studies and summaries of research from across the board and often compiles the data into comprehensive charts that show how lopsided the research actually is. Here are a few of them:




Now this is just a small sample of Dr. Lai's work, and his efforts to tell the truth has made him some serious enemies within the industry. To read a short summary of his epic battle with the Telecom industry, click here. In the article he states that he didn't have anything against the telecom industry...he was just a scientist doing what he thought was right, and by doing so his life and reputation were almost completely destroyed.

Here is a 30 minute interview with Dr. Lai himself takling about his unfortunate situation:

Now although I spent quite a bit of time on Dr. lai and his specific situation, he is far from being the only one who has had to face his reputation being destroyed. George Carlo (who I discussed earlier in this article) is another highly publicized and prime example of this, and I could do a separate ten-part article series on these examples alone. Scientists have been having their lives destroyed over this research for a long time and finally, with the incredibly dangerous 5G roll out just on the horizon, they are starting to stand up for themselves.

There are literally thousands of scientists from dozens of nations across the world who recognize the dangers of this deception and who are starting to organize to try and do something about it. They have all signed an appeal sent to the Secretary-General of the United Nations in order to draw attention to the rushed rollout of 5G and its resulting clear violation of human rights. To read the full appeal, and view the complete list of scientists who signed it, click here

Or click Here to see a 100+ page PDF of all the scientists who have signed the appeal to halt the rollout of 5G on Earth and in space.

These are the people you can trust. The independent, third-party scientists who conduct non-bias studies that show both the therapeutic and the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Radiation and Radio Frequency. But at the end of the day, you need to trust yourself. Read all the research for decide for yourself whether faster download speeds and smart-cities are worth having faster download speeds and smart-cities a few years early.

Here are a few Investigative News Stories that have been published on the harmful effects of cell phone radiation over the years:

Additional Peer-Reviewed Resources & References:

Preview for the Next Article: Destroying The "Non-Ionizing" Argument

Now that I've gotten your attention, and directed at the fact that, not only have the Federal Government and the FCC have literally been hijacked by the telecommunications industry, but that scientists studying EMF/RF are in almost universal agreement that it's quite likely harmful to the human body in almost every conceivable way, I want to begin the next article with the one thing on everyone's mind: "Well What about the fact that cellphone radiation is non-ionizing?? How could it possibly be harmful?

Well by the end of this 10-part series, you will be able to answer that question definitively,and in the next article, I will be addressing the non-ionizing argument directly and why it's a terrible argument for people too lazy to read the research for themselves.

Here's an excerpt from the next article to excite your taste buds:

After you finish reading these series of articles, and you have spent a bit of time researching the subject for yourself, you will inevitably want to warn your loved ones about this danger. However, you will quickly find that when you go to spread the word to your friends and family, almost no one will believe you.

The most popular argument you'll most likely run into coming from skeptics is the absolutely idiotic and uninformed statement that, because the radiation coming from your cellphone is non-ionizing, it can't possibly break the bonds of your DNA, and therefore is harmless.

I'm actually face-palming right now. That is the first sign that someone hasn't done their homework.

Now what exactly is "Non-Ionizing" radiation? Well, I'm glad you asked. The key to understanding and defeating the main argument against the research I am about to present is understanding what this term means and how it relates to 5G. However, the key to understanding Non-Ionizing radiation is understanding the electromagnetic spectrum itself.....

To learn how to defend yourself aginst the common "non-ionizing EMFs aren't harmful" argument, stay tuned for the next article in this 10-part series! Until then, stay smart, stay safe, and stay informed!

Until then...




Fantastic and well thought out breakdown!!

Something I was thinking about for a while is the removal and ban of lead-based paint. We know that lead blocks radiation and x-ray devices. Questionable stories about children eating lead paint began to circulate and children may have been used as pawns to bring this ban about. Now without lead paint inside our homes these RF frequencies ray right through our walls.

Do you have any insight into this?

I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

I haven't looked into that specific story, but I sure as heck will now! Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I'm very intrigued.

and Thank you so much for the love and support, I'm sure you will absolutely love the rest of the series.

Fantastic article, bravo Steve

Thank you Tanggg. Looking forward to the next appearance on the podcast.

This is a pretty amazing and ambitious project you've undertaken here; I shall look forward to the entire series.

I don't really know a lot about 5G, including how to distinguish between scientific reality, and the so-called "tinfoil hat brigade" who freak out at pretty much everything.

What I DO know is that it feels weird as hell to be anywhere near the equipment when someone is getting an MRI at the hospital, and it feels weird as hell to be in the immediate vicinity of high voltage power lines for any period of time. Hence I have no reason to believe that 5G technology could NOT be harmful.

Well I will most certainly give you plenty of research that should tell you exactly why you feel so weird around MRI equipment.

I think you will find the rest of this series quite enlightening.

and thank you so much for the comment and the support. You have no idea how much it means to me!

Good to see a new post, albeit on a much heavier topic than I usually enjoyed! I can certainly see where you got the in depth rigorous approach to your movie & trailer analysis from though!

I’ll keep an interested eye on the series. While I have no problem believing a US industry is capable of covering up the damaging effects of its products (tobacco industry was a good analogy) and basically controls government agencies to do so; I’d be curious to hear about the 5G rollout worldwide and how it’s being received and handled. I admittedly become more skeptical as the scope increases.

Thank you so much! I always appreciate your love and support, and I promise that this series will be out of this world in terms of depth and level of detail. Stay Tuned!