Yesterday evening I uploaded a short (1 minute 13 seconds) video to 3Speak (Threespeak), and it is still enconding (2022.05.23)

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I refreshed the page countless times, but nothing happened so far. This is a Full HD (1920x1080) MP4 video. It is only 1 minute 13 seconds long. The file size is 152.18 MB.

The website also says that "Generally videos will take an hour to encode depending on system load".


This is much more than one hour. I took the screenshots today morning. A whole night is passed since the start of the encoding. So the encoding should have finished hours ago.

Have you experienced something like this so far? Is this a bug? What should I do? Wait, or upload the video again?

Thank you for any tip, suggestion, advice, or explanation.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.


Nice bro, 3 speak is pretty sweet. I still have to upload a 1st video.


This is (or should be) my fifth video on it. I have not had any problems with 3Speak (Threespeak) so far. This is the first problem I experience with it.


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Take a look to their Discord, open Help ticket. Usually encoding takes about 15-20 minutes. Sometimes are issues. Maybe you'll need to upload video again.

Can you give me a link to their Discord server? The link on DiscordMe asks for server password. Probably I will upload the video again.

Thank you.


Invitations are blocked but I find invitation link from three speak community

Thank you for the link. I successfully joined their server. I will write to them. And probably I will upload the video again.

It is a very long time for encoding a small video. You can delete and redo the whole process, a bit tedious but it works.

Support is the best way anyway or use dtube if 3speak has issues.

Delete is not an option for this video (at least from my side), but I wrote on their Discord channel in the issues room. They have not replied so far. Probably I will upload the video again.


I had this issue once. After 3 hrs of encoding the 3speak website showed encoding failed and I lost my entire post that day. Now I usually back up my post into ecency as a draft before publishing it into 3speak.

Tips for @threespeak for faster encoding - Use CBR encoding instead of VBR.

Constant bitrates are easy to encode compared to Variable bitrates. In Variable bitrates, the encoding process has to do two steps (analysing the footage and encoding the footage resulting in too much time for the encoding process). Variable bitrates produce lower file sizes compared to CBR but I would prefer a constant bitrate throughout the footage.

After 3 hrs of encoding the 3speak website showed encoding failed and I lost my entire post that day.

I have not experienced such a thing so far. I mean the encoding failed error message. My first upload is lost (it still says "encoding").

My second upload has been successfully encoded. I did not saved the text, so I had to wrote the post again.

It is indeed a good idea to make a backup of the text before posting.

Good luck and all the best.


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I experienced same event last day. My video was too short but uploading take lots of hours. I think I have some problem on my video. But I can see the problem on the program now. I hope it will solve 🙏🏻 because I like sharing videos on 3speak

Good to know that I am not alone with this. My video has been successfully encoded on the second upload. Maybe there was some kind of error in the first upload.

We have been uploading hour long videos to 3speak with no problems (so far!) they usually take around 30-40 minutes to encode and be visible. Hopefully it was just a glitch for you and you have smooth uploading from here on in!!

Yes. This was the first and only problem I experienced with 3Speak (Treespeak) so far. The video has been successfully encoded a few minutes after the second upload.