Tibetan Monks levitate huge stone using instrument

It is claimed the Tibetan monks could levitate large stones using instruments.
Is this possible.
Well Tibetan monks levitate stones by using an acoustic levitation technique with the aid of trams in this nineteen thirty nine sketch by Swedish aircraft designer Henrik Kjelson.
They used the power of sounds to levitate huge stones.
Scientists demonstrated that sound vibration can levitate small objects.
Experiments on heavy objects have been met with limited success.
In 1939 a Swedish Dr. Ninety R. was brought to a Tibetan ministry to treat a high number.
He stayed for a long time.
Unfold an intimate friendship with the Tibetan.
One day.
The monks took him to a tall cliff where they were constructing a rock.
About two hundred and fifty meters from the edge of the cliff.
They lay a large stone.
Nineteen musical instruments was set in an arc precisely sixty three meters from the stone.
Thirteen drums of different sizes accompanied six trumpets each of which was three meters in length.
The monks began playing the small drums then the rest of the instruments were played and all chanted some mantras .
The monks were chanting enough to four minutes the stone began to sway.
So he took off in the direction of the cliff and after three minutes of the sent landed on the top.
The monks were able to move five to six stones pearl using this method.
Dr.Jarl have heard legends of his practice but was stunned to see with his own nine.
The specific nature of the instruments.
Combined with the precise angles and distances involved.
Suggests that the monks had advance knowledge of vibrational physics still unknown to us today.

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